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[Reblog] Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams

At XING, my current employer we had to handle some exciting challenges. We had to scale the whole mobile development as well as mobile testing from two small mobile teams (Android and iOS) to the whole software development department at XING.

My colleague Alexey Krivitsky wrote a great blog post about “Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams” at InfoQ. In his post he describes our learnings from the last year, how we scaled, what we have learned and what structural changes had to be done in order to grow from 2 mobile teams to 10.

Enjoy reading this very interesting article. If you have similar problems in your organisation, let’s talk!

Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams This article describes learning from XING on how to scale mobile development such that as many teams as necessary can contribute to the development of mobile apps (on both iOS and Android platforms) and at the same time keep the apps consistent, stable and shiny. It summarizes the key decisions and structural changes they made in order to enable scaling mobile from 2 to 10 teams.


Software Test User Group Event in July

Some weeks ago I founded the Software Test User Group Rhein Main. Today is the time to announce the first meetup.

We will meet in the office of AOE GmbH in Wiesbaden on 18. July 2013.

Borsigstr. 3
65205 Wiesbaden
Start: 7pm
End: ~10pm

If you need more information, see the official XING event. If you don’t have an XING account, just come to the office or ping me via twitter @dnlkntt!

No topics so far for the first meetup, but I can tell something about mobile testing ;).

See you on 18. July in Wiesbaden!

How XING choose mobile test devices

In my last company blog post I dealed with the topic: “How to choose the right mobile test devices”.

In addition to all our mobile test automation, we also do a lot of manual and exploratory testing within our mobile team. We test devices with different hard- and software, with different browser versions, and on different carrier networks to be sure that our apps work in the way our customers will use it.

Due to the fact that the mobile market is growing, the key question for a mobile Quality Assurance person is: Which devices are right for testing? It’s simply not possible to do testing on every device! 

XING test devices

See the full post here: http://devblog.xing.com/qa/how-to-choose-the-right-mobile-test-devices/

Agile Testing Days 2011

Last week from November 14th to November 17th I was attending at the Agile Testing Days 2011 in Potsdam! If you are working in an agile software development team in different roles e.g. tester, developer, agile coach or product owner, I really recommend to go to the next Agile Testing Days 2012 to meet great people and to exchange on certain test topics.

My conference started on Monday with a tutorial from Michael Bolton with the topic: “Critical Thinking Skills for Testers”. To make it short: This tutorial was AWESOME!
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