Smartwatch App Testing eBook

My latest eBook Smartwatch App Testing is now available on The book covers the smartwatch platforms Tizen OS, Pebble OS, watch OS and Android Wear. Next to the platforms the book describes the 4 key areas of smartwatch app testing, more than 45 testing ideas as well as a¬†smartwatch app testing cheat sheet. Get … Read more

2016 Will Be the Year for Wearables So Test Wisely

The following article “2016 Will Be the Year for Wearables So Test Wisely” is a guest blog post by Eran Kinsbruner who is the Mobile Evangelist at Perfecto, one of the leading mobile cloud and automation companies. This article is the introduction to my smartwatch app testing series which will start next week.

You don’t have to look far to see the digital transition in practice. Airlines, banks and retail giants are making their products available on various digital platforms to satisfy their customers, grow their business and compete in a challenging market. Wearable devices such as smartwatches and health and fitness trackers will continue making progress in 2016. According to an IDC report, basic wearables such as fitness trackers are growing by 76% year-over-year, while smart wearables like smartwatches are growing far faster.

Wearables - Adventures in QA

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