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People in Testing Q&A with Ryan Arsenault

Ryan Arsenault - Adventures in QA

This time in the “People in Testing” series, I had the chance to interview Ryan Arsenault who is a Community Manager at uTest. Ryan is working with more than 175,000 software testers from around the world and he has a different view of the software testing industry. I am really glad to get the chance to interview him and to provide his answers in this post to get an idea what other people think of software testers.

Daniel: What is currently your biggest challenge at uTest?

Ryan: I would say that like with any community — especially with ours in how fast we’ve grown with over 175,000 software testers now — the biggest challenge is always providing the content and context to keep people engaged.

How do you match paid projects to the testers strengths, interests, and often devices while simultaneously providing them with opportunities to expand their professional network and career? It’s a daunting challenge, but one that our team is doing an amazing job of, along with our uTester moderators. It also helps that we have some exciting things in the works for later in the year that will continue to allow us to engage at a deep level with our testers as we scale as a community.

You are working together with software testing experts. Have you ever considered to become a software tester?

I’ve never considered becoming one because they’re so much better at it than I ever could be — as they say, I should ‘stick to my day job.’ That being said, working with them for almost two years now at uTest has given me a deep appreciation for what software testers do everyday. Read more

uTest University - Adventures in QA

uTest University

This post is for all software testers who want to improve their testing skills in various fields. uTest created the uTest university with more than 160 testing courses including webinars, presentations and many more. There are courses for test automation, mobile testing, security testing, load and performance testing, UX, localization testing as well as manual testing.

uTest Course Overview - Adventures in QASome of the courses provide videos and recorded webinars from various software testing experts from around the world. Software testers can either choose between the complete coure set or focus on special testing tracks to work through the provided material. There are course tracks for

  • Security Testing
  • Android Logging
  • Load & Performance
  • Black Box Testing – Foundations
  • Mobile Testing
  • Selenium Basics
  • Android Debug Bridge

uTest Course Tracks - Adventures in QAThe university is a self learning platform where software testers can create their own to do lists to work on the courses whenever they have the time. The whole university is for free, the only thing you need to do is to register at https://profile.utest.com/register to get started with your e-learning sessions.
Another benefit after you registered at the uTest university is, that you are part of the whole utest software testing community to exchange with other software testers.

I really like the university and recommend it to every software tester to improve their skills. If you have something to share with other software testers or you might think this would be a great contribution to the uTest university, you can submit your course idea here.

Happy Testing!

Image Source: http://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/11/26/11/48/chalkboard-218593_640.jpg

My Interview on the uTest Blog

uTest-logoA couple of weeks ago the uTest blog started a new series called Authors in Testing. In this series several testing experts have been interviewed about certain testing topics and the book they wrote. There were interviews from

And since today I am also part of this great series and it’s an honor for me.

Find my interview here.

Thanks to Ryan Arsenault from uTest to make this happen.

Happy Testing!


uTest is starting “Tester of the Quarter”

uTest announced a new theme similar to the uTester of the year, it is called Tester of the Quarter. They introduced the program to recognize and to award software testers who participate to the global testing community. If you are a uTester and want to nominate a tester that fits to one of the following categories, submit your nominations here.

The following categories are available:

  • Outstanding Forums Contributors
  • Outstanding uTest University Instructors
  • Outstanding Bloggers
  • Outstanding Tool Reviewers

 uTest Paid Project-specific categories:

  • Outstanding Project Managers of the Quarter
  • Outstanding Test Team Leads, Tester’s Choice
  • Outstanding Testers, Test Team Leads’ Choice
  • Outstanding Up-and-Comers, Test Team Leads’ Choice

Every quarter uTest will honor the elected software testers in their hall of fame. I like the idea and will nominate some of you guys ;).

Happy testing!

uTest acquires Apphance

Today the companies uTest and apphance consolidate their services for mobile app testing. See some quotes from the techcrunch article:

“uTest will also be using Apphance itself for its own 60,000-strong army of app testers, as well as adding functionality for it to support HTML5, on top of existing support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.”

“This acquisition is a giant step forward in the growth of uTest,” Doron Reuveni, CEO of uTest, said in a statement. “By adding Apphance to our in-the-wild testing services, we’ve dramatically increased our value to customers and extended our position as an all-in-one testing solution for mobile developers around the world.”

If you check the website from apphance you already see the integration to uTest. The really cool thing is, the service is complete free for the rest of the year 2012! Go and try it!

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/15/utest-acquires-apphance-in-7-figure-deal-as-mobile-developer-tools-consolidate/

Have fun!