People in Testing Q&A with Tobias Geyer

Tobias Geyer - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Tobias Geyer, who is a former colleague and one of my hardest proof readers of my book. Tobias has a very good testing knowledge and is this kind of guy who is catching the really nasty bugs. If you are on twitter you have to follow him @the_qa_guy.

Daniel: Tobias, what is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Tobias: My biggest challenge right now is to get a better understanding of the domain I’m working in to provide a more valuable testing to my team. The application we’re building is not that complex but it deals with the complex AUTOSAR standard. Each new version has a few features which I can test with my current knowledge and a lot of features where a detailed AUTOSAR knowledge is needed.
Luckily there are other people which support us with testing the AUTOSAR features but I’d really love to have this knowledge in the team as well.

What kind of test automation tool are you using during your workday?

Apart from the omnipresent Jenkins server I’m working with JUnit and froglogic Squish GUI Tester.

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