Smartwatch App Testing – Tizen OS

Tizen OS - App Testing

In the first blog post of the smartwatch app testing series I will write about Tizen OS. Tizen is an open source operating system built from scratch, developed and supported by a community of developers under open source governance. The main purpose of this new operating system is to address the needs of all different kind of stakeholders of the mobile and connected device world. This includes mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators or application developers. Tizen OS can be used for different use cases and scenarios, so called Tizen profiles. There are profiles for Tizen Mobile, Tizen TV, Tizen IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) and Tizen Wearable. For my series I will focus on the Tizen Wearable profile and will provide you with useful information to get to know this section of the Tizen operating system.

Tizen OS is a pretty new operating system and there are not as many manufacturers out there using Tizen Wearable on their smartwatches as Android Wear for example. Therefore, I will focus in this post on the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. If you want to get started with Tizen OS, I recommend you to read about the operating system on If you want to install and use the development SDK download it from here. In the getting started section you get all the details about the SDK. If you want to get more information about the architecture of Tizen, read more about here.

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