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Testathon with Spotify and iZettle

In January I wrote a post about the first official testathon that took place in London. The testing event for testers was really a success and therefore another testathon will take place.testathon_logo_plain_white-300x105

Next week (Saturday 5th July 2014), there will be the next testathon in Stockholm (Sweden) at the headquarter of Spotify.
This time the app from Spotify and iZettle will be tested. Find more information at the testathon page.

Again, there will be lots of fun and cool prices for the winning testers.

Check out the video from the last testathon and some more impressions within the pictures. Read more

First official Testathon

One of my morning rituals is to check my favorite feeds and blogs about cool new stories, ideas and to be up to date in the tech and testing world. While reading through the feeds, one word made me curious. The word was Testathon! I never heard that word so far. So I click the word/ link and had a cool wow moment :).

The slogan of the page is:

A hacking marathon* for testers

Most of you will know hacking marathons*, but Testathons? The event will take place in London (UK) at 25th of January. The event page describes the event as:

A Testathon is like a hacking marathon but for testers. You’ll be testing apps in teams with some of the best testers in the world.

It is a one day event and the goal is to test mobile apps in teams to proof and improve your mobile testing skills and to win cool prices. I think winning prices at these event is a nice side effect. The most important thing is, that you meet other testers to learn from each other while testing apps and having fun.

If you have the time, you should definitely go to this Testathon. For further information visit the event page: http://testathon.co/.

Happy testing!

* The word that is described on the eventpage is a registered trademark in germany, therefore the word hacking marathon is used in this blog. (Sad but true)