9 Best Programming Languages for Test Automation

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Choosing the right programming language for test automation is important. But where to start? There are so many programming languages available, but it’s hard to find and then pick the right one. However, programming languages have different attributes and properties, as well as pros and cons. Some languages are more powerful for backend applications, whereas … Read more

Elevating Automated Testing: Playwright Meets ChatGPT

Guest blog post written by Christine Pinto. In the quickly evolving field of software development, Playwright has reshaped automated testing with its robust integration into Visual Studio Code and GitHub, backed by an ever-expanding community. My transition to using this framework has been significantly enriched by incorporating ChatGPT, marking a turning point in how I … Read more

Test Automation with TestProject

Test Automation with TestProject - Adventures in QA

In my previous article, I promised to write more about the free test automation platform TestProject. With this post, I will introduce you to the TestProject platform, the setup process of the so-called agent, the rich feature set and more things that make TestProject a special single test automation solution.

Sign-Up and First Steps

Let’s start from the beginning. The sign-up process is easy and takes no more than one minute after you created your account. Right after the first sign in, a wizard offers you a quick five minute tutorial where the initial setup of the TestProject agent is happening. In the first step you need to download the TestProject agent for your operating system. TestProject supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

While the download is running, the wizard is providing a short YouTube video, where the next steps are explained once the agent is installed.

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Once the TestProject agent is installed, the wizard asks you to register your local agent by giving it an alias. The alias will be checked and registered. The setup takes some minutes and then the TestProject dashboard is presented.

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