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People in Testing Q&A with Rudolf Groetz

Rudolf Groetz - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Rudolf Groetz, who is the founder and organizer of the Mobile Quality Night. Rudolf is Head of QA at JUMIO Inc. with a mobile mindset. He has very good knowledge in the area of mobile testing and especially in mobile test automation. In this interview Rudolf is talking about his current mobile testing challenge, which kind of test automation solution he is using and what is the next big thing in the software development and testing world. Enjoy the interview.

Daniel: What is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Rudolf: For me the biggest challenge at the moment is the ever rising device fragmentation in the mobile world. This problem forces me to constantly adapt our mobile device lab, furthermore I need to check that our app is still working with the latest SDK’s and on new devices our customers are using. For our testing process we are using only physical devices and no emulators or simulators. We have a mobile device lab in our office, if there are devices that are not part of the mobile device lab, we are also using Mobile Device Clouds. Those devices are used for manual as well as automated mobile testing. Read more

My Testing Tools

Mobile Testing Tools - Adventures in QAIn this post I want to give you some insights in my daily working life as a mobile tester especially which tools I use to test mobile apps. I got ask this question several times while attending conferences or I have been asked via eMail. Which tools are you using for mobile testing. In this post I want to give you the answer to this question.

One remark, the tools I am using in my current project are best for my current situation but this must not be the case for you and your project. Please keep this in mind and don’t just use the tools I am using. This might not be the best fit for your project and your software development environment. Read more

Appium on Sauce – A new tool for testing your iOS apps in the cloud

Two days ago Sauce Labs introduced a new tool for iOS test automation: Appium on Sauce. Appium on Sauce is able to automate hybrid or native iOS apps. The new tool based on the open source tool Appium written in Node.js. Currently the tool support iOS devices only but Android support is on its way.
Appium uses Selenium commands and map these commands into a format for UIAutomation. It uses the WebDriver JSON Wire Protocol to drive UIAutomation.
Sauce Labs says, the tool requires no recompiling or modifications on the app you want to test. Tests can be written in any programming language and testing framework using the Selenium API. Appium on Sauce needs no setup and no maintenance. Tests can be run in parallel across several machines in the cloud. CI support is also included.

Appium on Sauce
Appium on Sauce

Currently the tool is only available by invitation to see if the environment is stable enough to handle many users and apps in parallel. For me this tool looks very promising and we will see how well it can be used.

See Appium on Sauce in action:


YAATT – Yet Another Android Testing Tool

Thanks to my colleague @the_qa_guy I got the information that there is another test automation tool for Android Apps. The tool is called bot-bot and provide a selenium like test automation for native Android Apps using a capture & replay functionality.
The tool is developed by Imaginea and based on the keyword driven approach. bot-bot uses the following open source tools:

To provide a capture & replay mode, bot-bot has three different components:

  1. The Recorder: Is responsible for recording the user action on the Android App under test. The recorded actions are send to the Server.
  2. The Runner: Is responsible for the test execution. Also generates html test results.
  3. The Server: Is responsible for tracking the user actions that come from the Recorder. Besides that it give the qa expert the possibility to export the recorded test cases in csv format. The csv file than can be used with the Runner to execute the testcases again.

bot-bot is currently available in the first version 0.7 and provide the following features (List from http://imaginea.github.com/bot-bot/pages/currently.html):

  • Record user actions of any apk file without the need of the source code.
  • Functional testing on any android app for which the apk file is available.
  • Record user actions on simulator or using an actual phone.
  • Store the recorded actions on the server for future refferences.
  • Edit/modify recorded cases.
  • Allow the recorded cases to be exported in csv format
  • Generation of html reports after test execution.
  • Support for extension of test api, for adding or enhancing any existing cases.

The nice thing is, that the qa expert has the possibility to choose between the testing frameworks that is used by the Runner. He can choose between Robotium or NativeDriver!

To get more information check the tool website on github: https://github.com/Imaginea/bot-bot or http://imaginea.github.com/bot-bot/ .
There you find information about How to Install and about the Components.

See how bot-bot works: 

If I get the time, I will setup an environment with bot-bot to check how good the capture & replay function is!

Let me know, if you already have some experience with the tool.

Have FUN!

Overview of Mobile Test Automation Frameworks

I found a really nice overview about Open Source Mobile Testing Frameworks for Test Automation. The overview was created by Dominik Dary (eBay). In his table he showed how many test automation frameworks are currently available for Android or iOS testing. The complete blog post can be found here:


A big thank you to Dominik, who provided this overview!