What I Learned From Running As A Product Manager

What I Learned From Running As A Product Manager - Adventures in QA

I am a runner for more than 15 years! I started running as part of weekly workouts on my soccer team. Back then I hated pure running. I had the feeling that it’s boring to just run around a track or the fields. But I stuck to it to some extent. However, my perspective on running changed completely 5 years ago. In this blog post, I want to write about what running taught me and what I can transfer to my professional career as a product manager.

A New Start

5 years ago I felt not fit, I did go regularly to the gym but I hate going to the gym and to do my workouts on some machines. I wanted to do sports outside, enjoy nature and the fresh air. Furthermore, I wanted to do a sport that I can perform everywhere with the least amount of equipment. So I thought why not give running another try, but this time with a higher focus. I went to a local running shop a bought some running shoes and started to run. I used my phone to track my activities, but I did not make any progress. I tried to run even more during the weeks, but then the first injuries came around the corner. I was disappointed, I thought maybe running is nothing for me and my body. But this time I said no, I will not give up. I read several books about running and running injuries and found out what my problem was.

I did just too much running for my fitness level. It sounds simple, but it was obvious to me. Instead of running 3-5 times per week between 5km and 10km I slowed down. I did only 2 runs per week but invested lots of time in stretching and core workouts to strengthen my muscles.

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