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Robotium Recorder

This week the version 5.0.1 of Robotium was released. The latest version has of course again many improvements and some new functionalities (methods) like pressSoftKeyboardNextButton(), waitForEmptyActivityStack(int timeout) or Solo.config. With Solo.config you have now different configuration options for your project. For further information check the latest javadoc.
The new version has also a new package name com.robotium.solo. To see all the new features check the example project or download Robotium 5.0.1 from here.

Robotium Recorder

Robotium Recorder

The biggest update that came with the new version of Robotium is Robotium Recorder! With the recorder you are able to capture your test steps of your app and to automatically
import the results to your test project. Robotium Recorder is an Eclipse plugin and can be installed from the following URL “http://recorder.robotium.com/update“. To install it, open eclipse and navigate to: Help --> Install New Software. Copy the URL in the “Work with” field and press Enter, wait while eclipse is loading the plugin and follow the wizard to install it. The full installation guide can be found here.

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Latest updates from robotium

Since my last robotium blog posts, robotium was improved in several areas. Since version 4.0 robotium supports webviews and with version 4.2 robotium provide a full support for hybrid apps.
You can use methods like:

  • typeTextInWebElement(By by, String text)
  • waitForWebElement(By by)
  • clickOnWebElement(WebElement webElement)
  • clearTextInWebElement(By by)
  • getWebElement(By by, int index)

Also a great improvement is the robotium remote control (RC). With RC you are able to execute your test cases from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This enables robotium to work with several JVM frameworks like JUnit 4. To use the RC in your project have a look at the installation and development instructions.
RC can be downloaded from here.

Have fun!

Video collection of the mobile testing summit 2012

Today I found a youtube video collection of the mobile testing summit that took place this year in San Francisco (1st Nov. 2012). The Mobile Testing Summit is a 1 day event organized and hosted by Sauce Labs (http://saucelabs.com). For those who missed the summit, check out the nice video collection on youtube!


  • iOS Driver for Native Apps
  • Sikuli for Mobile Testing
  • Intro to Bwoken
  • Calabash: Cross-Platform, Automated Acceptance Testing for Mobile Apps
  • Shared Cross-Platform Tests with Frank
  • Lightning Talks!
  • Closing Lightning Talks & Remarks by Jason Huggins
  • Opening Keynote by Jason Huggins
  • Mobile First: Rebuilding Facebooks’s engineering and testing for mobile
  • Eideticker & Orangutan: Measuring real-world browser performance
  • Settings Apple’s UI Automation Free wit Appium
  • iOS Automated Testing with Calabash: Tips and Tricks
  • MOET: Mobile End-to-End Testing
  • iOS Automation with iPhone Driver
  • Automating Firefox OS: One Solution to Rule them All


Have fun!



A mnemonic for mobile app testing

Again a big thank you to @the_qa_guy who pointed me to the COP FLUNG GUN created by Dhanasekar Subramanian. The nice mnemonic (overview) of mobile app testing give a good overview of the complexity of mobile app testing. I found the overview of the blog of Adam Goucher who extended the mnemonic with the section of mobile automation.

created by Adam Goucher

Find a similar mind map here.

Building Test Suites for Robotium

If you have implemented many automated tests with Robotium, you will notice that Robotium is not the fastest tool when it comes to test execution time! Especially in big projects with more than 100 automated Robotium tests the execution time is really long (>1h). For nightly regression testing this is not a problem, but If you want to know if a simple commit from a developer break something, executing the whole test suite is not very efficient. To get a much faster impression of the quality of the last commits, you can build for example a smoke test suite. This suite covers the basic functionality like login, clicking on important entries but not all edge cases, like a full regression test suite will do. Read more