Am I Successful with my Software Testing Content?

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Some time ago, I got asked by some of you, from the software testing community, the following question: Daniel, how can I become as successful as you are?” This question triggered many things inside my brain and body. In today’s video, I want to talk about my “success”. Am I successful with all the software … Read more

Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog Posts - Adventures in QA

Today, I want to try something new. Maybe you have read my blog review 2015 in December and you have noticed that I wrote 104 blog posts in 2015. However, I want to scale the amount of blog posts on this blog and therefore I need your help. I am looking for guest blog posts like the one from Brian Hamilton or the one from Joel Montvelisky.

If you are working as a software tester, software engineer in test, scrum master with a focus on high quality software or you are a product manager who loves to ship high quality product this might be of interest for you. Maybe you want to share your knowledge in a guest blog post here. However, there is no need to be an expert in your role, I would love to see guest blog posts from every level of experience, from junior to senior. From my point of view it doesn’t matter which skill level you have, I think that everyone has something to share :).

Maybe the guest blog posts on my blog will help you to develop your writing skills and will help you to learn more about the area you are working in. So if you are interesting in writing an guest blog post, please get in contact with me. You will find my email in the about me section.

Guest Blog Posts:

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People in Testing with Viktor Johansson

Viktor Johansson - Adventures in QAThis time in the “People in Testing” series, I had the chance to interview Viktor Johansson. Viktor is currently working in New York City for a tech startup called Axial. Viktor is very passionate about mobile testing and likes to build devices labs with lego. If you have any kind of question to Viktor, you can contact via twitter.

Daniel: What is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Viktor: To keep up with our several, weekly releases. As an embedded tester in an agile team, there is a lot to test. New features are constantly being built. I need, together with the team, prioritize my testing and try to identify risk areas quickly. I am a strong believer in dogfooding. Everybody in an organization can test and bring value to a product. I have received good support from different stakeholders across the organization. Building those relationships, bridging channels of communication has been invaluable. It has not only helped increase the quality of our product, but has also given me a greater understanding of the business in order to be a better tester. Communication with the end users has also been essential.

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Mobile Test Pyramid

Mobile Test Pyramid - Adventures in QA

Anyone who is involved in software testing and software test automation should know the test automation pyramid introduced by Mike Cohn (

This article contains excerpts from my book „Hands-On Mobile App Testing“ published with Pearson Education.

As you can see in the following image, the typical pyramid consists of three layers. At the bottom, there is the automated unit-testing layer, in the middle the automated integration testing layer and at the top there is the automated end-to-end testing layer (including the user interface tests). Each layer has a different size, indicating the number of tests that should be written within each stage. Manual testing is not part of the test pyramid, hence it is shown as a cloud for additional testing work.

Test Pyramid - Adventures in QA

But this pyramid is not applicable to mobile apps and mobile test automation. Mobile testing requires a totally different set of testing activities like movement, sensors, different devices and networks compared to other software like desktop or web applications. Lots of manual testing is required to be sure that a mobile app is working as expected in the different usage scenarios.

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Mobile App Europe Summary and Slides

I am just back in Hamburg from the Mobile App Europe Conference and I am still excited about it. I had 2 great days in Potsdam meeting several mobile experts from all over the world to exchange on the latest mobile topics. I had the chance to talk to Dan Cuellar, the creator of Appium which was really great. I talked to people from, Groupon and other cool companies out there.

Another great thing was that I met Stephen Janaway and Richard Bradshaw again. We had some nice talks and at the end of the first day we were recording another episode of Testing in the Pub together with Denys Zelenchuck, Sergej Mudruk and André Gorzel.

Adventures in QA - Recording Testing in the Pub

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