Reading Recommendations # 15

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

The 15th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 7 blog posts. There are posts dealing with the topics responsive website testing, what time means to us, dark fears of a software tester, sketchnotes from the TestBash conference in Brighton. Furthermore, there are great posts about the topic “What do you think testers need to do to be taken seriously”, “Overcoming test automation challenges” and “Inattentional Blindness” which is my favorite for this issue.

Enjoy reading the posts.

TestSheepNZ: Developing an approach to responsive design website testing

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Espresso Cheat Sheet

Espresso Cheat Sheet - Adventures in QAIn an older post from 2013 I briefly described the Android test automation tool called Espresso. Espresso is the test automation framework provided by Google to implement fast and reliable tests for Android apps. Since last year Espresso is available in the version 2.0 and has fixed lots of issues and is now supporting most of the Android UI elements. If you are new to Espresso you can check the following URLs, they provide a getting started, Espresso guide and some Espresso samples.


Today I found the Espresso Cheat Sheet (I don’t know why this not happened earlier 🙂 ), but nevertheless I want to share it with you as well.

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Software Testing Interview Questions

In one of my last posts, I wrote about the question “How to Test a Spoon?” and why is this question related to software testers and interviewing them. Today I want to share a webpage with you that is collecting and sharing testing interview questions. The webpage is The author, Esteyaque Ahmed is collecting and sharing … Read more

Top 114 Software Testing Blogs 2014

Last week I found out that my blog was ranked 29th of the best software testing blogs of 2014. In total 114 blogs are listed on the page from TestBuffet. I was not aware that my blog was listed there, but it seems that TestBuffet is checking the software testing community and collects valuable sources for … Read more

Record your iOS Test Session with QuickTime

A couple of posts ago I wrote about “How to File Mobile Bugs” and the importance of good and detailed bug reports. In another post I wrote about ilos  and how to record your current test session on Android Lollipop devices. Today, I write about the other big mobile vendor, called iOS 🙂 and how … Read more