Tricentis Device Cloud – Tosca Mobile Testing Against Real Devices

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Ad | We all know that mobile testing is hard. There are thousands of different mobile devices on the market. They have different hard- and software combinations, which makes the lives of software testers as well as mobile developers extremely hard. Mobile teams need to find a way to handle the device fragmentation to execute … Read more

How Big Brands Automate Their Mobile Apps

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Are you working in the mobile development and testing industry? I bet you have asked yourself this question already many times: “How are other companies automating their mobile apps?”. I found a really cool community project, where you can learn all about mobile automation, and it’s done at big brands such as GitHub, Shopify, Google, … Read more

Mobile Test Automation Tools To Know

Adventures in QA - Mobile Test Automation Tools To Know

In one of my YouTube videos, I am talking about mobile test automation tools. The video covers the different aspects of mobile testing and what to keep in mind when selecting a mobile test automation solution. Later in the video, I mention different mobile test automation tools for Android as well as for iOS. Find … Read more

How to Build Your Own Android Device Cloud

How to Build Your Own Android Device Cloud - Adventures in QA

In this post I will describe how to build your own Android device cloud in the office. You may think this is expensive and will take lots of time and work, but I promise it isn’t. After installing the device cloud you are able to control the real Android devices from your web browser no matter how far you are away from the real device. For all iOS testers and developers out there, I must say sorry, this post is only handling Android devices until know the tool I will use is not supporting iOS. Before I get started with the installation and setup I list shortly the hardware and software I used to setup the whole system.

Hardware and Software

Lets start with the software that is managing the Android devices. The software is called openstf, where STF stands for Smartphone Test Farm. The software is open source and is maintained by Simo Kinnunen and Günther Brunner. STF offers a plethora of really cool features like

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