Machine Learning Locators for Mobile Test Automation

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In this video, I am talking about machine learning locators in mobile test automation. In a hands-on product demo, I show the latest product release from Tricentis on their Testim product. Testim offers now ML locators to stabilize the mobile test automation experience. The ML locators come to existing scripts and use a calculated weight … Read more

Tricentis Device Cloud – Tosca Mobile Testing Against Real Devices

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Ad | We all know that mobile testing is hard. There are thousands of different mobile devices on the market. They have different hard- and software combinations, which makes the lives of software testers as well as mobile developers extremely hard. Mobile teams need to find a way to handle the device fragmentation to execute … Read more

How Big Brands Automate Their Mobile Apps

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Are you working in the mobile development and testing industry? I bet you have asked yourself this question already many times: “How are other companies automating their mobile apps?”. I found a really cool community project, where you can learn all about mobile automation, and it’s done at big brands such as GitHub, Shopify, Google, … Read more

Testing Mobile Apps with a Single Automation Solution

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My summer vacation is over and I am back at writing :). In my last article, I compared test automation frameworks with pros and cons. Today’s article is focusing on the important topic of testing mobile apps. Especially with a focus on mobile test automation and how this can be done with a single automation solution.

Most organizations support both mobile platforms for their product, Android as well as iOS. Both platforms together have a world-wide market share of 98% and therefore it is essential to develop and release the own mobile product on both systems. Sure, there might be products, markets and services that are used more on one of the platforms, but for the majority of companies both platforms are critical for their business.

For those software testers working already in the field of mobile testing hopefully know that both platforms have similarities as well as differences. In both cases this knowledge is key to success, especially when you want focus on the field of mobile test automation. If you don’t know the key differences of the mobile platforms and apps, I recommend to take a look at my book Hands-On Mobile App Testing or at my mobile testing online course A Beginners Guide To Mobile Testing.

Why Mobile Test Automation is Important?

According to user surveys conducted by Arctouch and TechBeacon, more than 50% of mobile app users will uninstall an app after the first usage. One of the main reasons for the uninstallation is an app crash or freeze at the first launch. Furthermore, the surveys found out that mobile users have a much higher expectation to mobile apps than to any other software products. Up to 80% of mobile users will delete an app after the first usage if the design is bad, the app has a poor user experience or is not fast enough.

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