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Continuous Deployment in Mobile Development - Adventures in QA

Continuous Deployment in Mobile Development

Continuous deployment and continuous delivery became a natural process for web-based applications over the last years. Companies are now able to deploy product changes or bug fixes to the production system multiple times a day. With the help of web deployment tools and a solid deployment infrastructure setup, this task became much more reliable and easier. But how does it look for native mobile apps? Is it possible to release a new mobile app at any point in time while having the app store submission process in place for some app stores?
The answer is yes, and in this article, I will describe the possible options for native mobile apps.

Invest in Mobile Infrastructure

Continuous deployment and delivery don’t come free. Nor for web applications nor for native mobile apps. A company needs to invest time and money in its own mobile app infrastructure to be able to ship a new version of the native mobile app at any point in time. However, from the software and tooling perspective, a mobile app delivery infrastructure can be build up really easily. For example with the help of open-source software like Jenkins as continuous integration system and fastlane as build and signing software, the infrastructure setup can be lean, easy and powerful. Last but not least a company should set up a mobile app distribution channel e.g. with the help of software like Testflight, AppCenter or Firebase. Tools like that help to distribute the mobile app to test devices during the development and testing phase. Read more

[Reblog] Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams

At XING, my current employer we had to handle some exciting challenges. We had to scale the whole mobile development as well as mobile testing from two small mobile teams (Android and iOS) to the whole software development department at XING.

My colleague Alexey Krivitsky wrote a great blog post about “Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams” at InfoQ. In his post he describes our learnings from the last year, how we scaled, what we have learned and what structural changes had to be done in order to grow from 2 mobile teams to 10.

Enjoy reading this very interesting article. If you have similar problems in your organisation, let’s talk!

Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams This article describes learning from XING on how to scale mobile development such that as many teams as necessary can contribute to the development of mobile apps (on both iOS and Android platforms) and at the same time keep the apps consistent, stable and shiny. It summarizes the key decisions and structural changes they made in order to enable scaling mobile from 2 to 10 teams.


Program Chair at the Mobile App Europe 2014

My first post in 2014 was about the Mobile App Europe conference this year in Berlin/ Potsdam Germany. I think this will be a really awesome conference around mobile apps, from design, development, testing to marketing. Since a couple of days the program chairs are known and I am one of the guys sitting in the conference board to build up a really cool conference program. In the next couple of days, the whole conference board will be presented at the website.


If you are into the mobile app business, submit your paper and be one of the speakers at the Mobile App Europe. The call for proposals is still open and will close at the end of february.
If you want to get the latest information about the conference, subscribe to the newsletter on the conference page or follow the conference on twitter @MobileAppEurope.

See you in Potsdam this year!

By Daniel Knott