Do it yourself – Build your own mobile cam holder

In the last couple of months my colleagues and I struggled with mobile presentations. We had always two situations/ problems. Either we showed our apps during the sprint review meeting just to the client on the real device and all others could not see what we were presenting. Or we were fighting with HDMI/ VGA cables to connect the device to the projector, but we never get the perfect setup up and runing, so that everyone in the meeting was happy. So we thought about a mobile cam holder for the presentations, where the app is presented on the real device. The installed web cam should be connected to a laptop and the interactions from the device are visible on the projector.

The whole team agreed, that we need such a cam holder. We checked the internet for cam holders to buy, but the solutions we found are really expensive and not what we wanted. So the next logical step was to build our own cam holder.

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CMAP© Certified Mobile App Professional

The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) announced a new certification for mobile app professionals – CMAP© Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level.

The first three pilot courses will take place in February and March in UK and Germany. After the pilot courses, there are already some providers offering the
training to get certified.

CMAP_Pilot Courses(Source:

The syllabus contains the following topics:

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XCTest and OCUnit on real devices in the cloud

Yesterday, I read the latest blog post from AppThwack, that they now support real iOS devices on their test cloud. Developers and testers are now able to run their automated XCTest or OCUnit test suites against the provided cloud with more than 46 iOS devices, from iPhone to iPad. The big advantage of having the OCUnit … Read more

Keep It Functional 2.0

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote the post “iPhone test automation using KIF (Keep It Functional)“. The fact that I am not working with KIF in one of my current projects, I missed the new KIF 2.0 release. The new version was released in september 2013 with a major rewrite of the framework. KIF 2.0 … Read more

Testing Experience (DE) – Mobile App Testing

Since last week the latest issue of the german testing experience magazine is available. This time the with the topic “Mobile App Testing”. I just read a couple of articles and they are really good. If you are in the mobile business, you should read this issue.

Testing Experience DE - Mobile App Testing

The following articles are in the magazine:

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