How To Run Mobile A/B Testing Experiments?

Mobile A B Testing - Adventures in QA

Imagine you and your team just a released a redesign of the login section of your software product. Shortly after the release you notice that the numbers of newly registered users dropped almost to zero. But why? Is it because the change of the register button to a register link? Or is it the new naming of the register element?

Maybe this kind of changes should have been tested before with an A/B test.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing in the context of digital software products gives a team the power to test and compare ideas like in a science experiment with real users. With the help of A/B testing new features or a redesign of an app can be tested against real customers, without letting them know. Almost everything can be tested with an A/B test. For example a color change of UI elements, a change in the navigation pattern, different texts or even whole app sections.
To start with A/B testing it’s recommended to define a strong hypothesis.

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Mobile A/B Testing Tools

Mobile A/B Testing Tools - Adventures in QA

This post is dealing with A/B testing tools for mobile apps. A/B testing is nothing new and is a common instrument in the Marketing, Business Intelligence as well as in the software development industry. A/B testing is often used in Web based applications to test which version or variant of the Website is performing better in terms of revenue or click rates compared to the original one. The Smashing Magazine published a nice guide about A/B testing including Do’s and Dont’s.

A couple of weeks ago I thought about A/B testing in the mobile app world. In my last projects we were always performing usability tests with customers in order to get a feeling for the app and how features are working. We never thought about A/B testing. I started a little research and found the great overview about mobile A/B testing tools from the company

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