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Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 27

The 27th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 7 blog posts. There are posts about the pyramid and the dog-bone revisited. The challenge in providing accessibility, habits for agile testing and a post about custom ViewMatchers in Espresso for Android test automation. Another post is about “Test Levels! Really?!”, “The Dos and dont’s of testing automation” and one post from Markus Gärtner is dealing with “Working in a distributed company”.

Enjoy reading the posts.

Seth Eliot’s Blog » Blog Archive » The pyramid and the dog-bone revisited

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Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 24

Summer is coming, I hope you enjoyed the hot days in Europe as well. Maybe you find a nice shady place to read the 24th issue of my software testing reading recommendations. This issue contains 7 blog posts and one podcast. There are topics dealing with: “What skills should we learn & teach to build quality in” from Lisa Crispin. Why Managers need to communicate to effectively. There is a interesting post about the 8 myths and facts about Internet of Things (IoT).

Google announced the call for paper for the GTAC, which is an awesome mobile test automation conference. One post has the topic defining your role as a tester from Markus Gärtner. Another post is describing the four most powerful tools of a video game tester. Maaret Pyhäjärvi is writing about her experience with test automation and how she failed with the used approach. And the last entry in this episode is the latest version of Testing in the Pub by Stephen Janaway and Dan Billing with the topic WTF are NFRs.

Enjoy reading the posts.

What skills should we learn & teach to build quality in? – Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

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People in Testing Interview with Markus Gärtner

People in Testing Q&A with Markus Gärtner - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Markus Gärtner, the author of ATDD by Example – A Practical Guide to Acceptance Test-Driven Development and one of the most influential agile testing professional person (Awarded in 2013).

Daniel: Markus, what is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Markus: Right now, I am working with a client on introducing Scrum in both the medical world as well as constructing medical equipment, rather than software development. Although, I we just started, I feel engaged by the amount of things that I learn in order to make this happen.

On another note, I work in a company where we enjoy lots of freedom together with self-direction and self-management. Though the stuff you read about it-agile, if you dive into the background, and are part of it, it’s very hard work. Right now, we are on the edge of hopefully overcoming some of the struggles that come with self-organization. Read more