One thing not to forget when you are done testing

The following article “One thing not to forget when you are done testing” is a guest post by Joel Montvelisky, Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest, a test management tool and blog owner of QA Intelligence where he writes about all things related to Testing; the good, the bad and the funny.

OK, so you and your team just completed a full testing project.

You created new tests for it, ran your cycles on multiple devices achieving the coverage you needed for release, you found a bunch of important bugs that were fixed (and some that were set for a later version), and throughout the whole process you provided valuable feedback to the product team on the features that you ended up releasing.

All in all you and your team did a pretty good job – Congratulations!

Now, as it usually happens you are also late to start your next project (or two?!) and you just want to get running with those tests…

But wait!!!

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