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Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 35

The 35th issue of the reading recommendation contains 8 posts. This time there is another great blog post from Katrina Clokie about Continuous Delivery Testing Pathway, which I highly recommend to read. Furthermore there are topics about “QA people are not testers, or are they?”, “Testing Skills – Abductive Reasoning”, “Will my Robot be the first Non-human to gain ISTQB Software Testing Certification?”, “The Future of Management”, “Public Speaking Tips”, “Getting your Guilds going” and “How to Test Mobile Analytics”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me posts that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: Continuous Delivery Testing Pathway

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Mobile Testing with Bug Radar

Bug Radar - Adventures in QAMy colleague Denys Zelenchuk has developed a very helpful Android app called Bug Radar. The main task of this app is to monitor any app that is running on a test device. Whenever the app under test is crashing or not responding (ANR), Bug Radar notifies you about the problem in the notification center and is creating a error report file including the stacktrace and the device info. The report will be saved on the device in the Bug Radar folder and can be send via email for further investigation. Read more

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 34

The 34th issue of the reading recommendation contains 8 posts. The first post in this issue is dealing with the topic “How to find, Interview and Hire Great Software Testers”. Katrina Clokie wrote again another great pathway post about APIs, Web Services & Microservices. Their is a great post from Neil Studd with the topic “How to Test with non-testers”. Furthermore there are the following topics, “The Essence of Test Automation”, “My Approach to Mobile Accessibility Testing” and “Three interesting bugs”. I also added the link to the current Testing Circus Edition which is always worth reading. And last but not least I added a short slideshare presentation that includes different mobile test automation tools.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me posts that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

How to Find, Interview and Hire Great Software Testers – Gurock Quality Hub

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People in Testing with Richard Bradshaw

Adventures in QA - Richard BradshawThis time in the “People in Testing” series, I had the chance to interview Richard Bradshaw aka the FriendlyTester.

Daniel: What is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Richard: Time! I am currently the sole tester on a project. Responsible for the testing of the apps, which include iOS, Android the a responsive website. Also until recently, this also included a windows phone app. It’s a lot to manage. So it becomes a real balancing act as to where I spend my time. Fortunately the team is aware of this and we stagger the releases. We tend to have iOS ready at least a week before Android. Then the web is more sporadic, mainly because we are able to release that instantly, so the risk is lower, due to the fact we can instantly rollback or push a fix if something was to go wrong, this isn’t as easy with the apps, especially iOS, due to the submission times. Another advantage of the way we work is that the platforms are aligned, meaning that we tend to be delivering the same functionality to all at the same time. This is advantageous to me as I can test across platforms at the same time, but also as with most projects, there is a lot of tacit knowledge, so testing all three while it’s still there helps. Read more

Win a Ticket to EuroSTAR Conference

Win a free ticket to EuroStar Conference - Adventues in QANovember is coming and with this blog post you have the chance to attend the EuroSTAR conference 2015 in Maastricht for FREE. This year the EuroSTAR conference is packed with lots of great keynotes, talks, active workshops and novices-speakeasy sessions that you should not miss.

There will be software testing experts from around the world who will share their knowledge on topics like:

  • Mobile Testing
  • Communication
  • Gamification
  • Context Driven
  • Test Automation
  • Embedded Testing
  • Test & Quality Management
  • Metrics & Methods
  • Agile Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

Please have a look at the complete program here. During great workshops, coffee breaks and social events you can exchange and share your knowledge with other software testing experts. Read more