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Mobile Testing Lead (m/f) at QualityMinds

Mobile Testing Lead QualityMinds - Adventures in QAAs a mobile testing leader you will be responsible for developing the market strategy for the mobile testing department at QualityMinds.

We are convinced that mobile computing will become a fixture in every software project in the future. That is why we are looking for a new QualityMind, someone passionate about all things mobile-related: devices, apps and the possibilities behind them. In order to handle this multifaceted task, you need to have technical experience and enthusiasm, keep in touch with the newest developments and ideas in the field as well as be prepared to lead your own team.

Your Job

  • helping define and create a new business model
  • preparing market strategy
  • customer acquisition in cooperation with our sales management
  • the most important task: built a team of “mobile freaks”

Your Profile

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My Interviews on Mobile Testing - Adventures in QA

My Interviews on Mobile Testing

Lately I was interviewed by Ryan Arsenault from Aberdeen Group on the blog TechProEssentials and by Srinivas Kadiyala for the Testing Circus magazine. Both interviews had a focus on mobile testing, my role as mobile tester, my current challenges at work, how I started my career in software testing and how I started my book about mobile testing. Maybe my interviews on mobile testing are interesting for you and will provide you with some new insights in my daily work life.

The following list is an excerpt from the questions I answered for the TechProEssentials: Read more

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 40

Today it is already the 40th issue of the reading recommendation and there will be more to come this year. The latest issue contains again six interesting posts about software testing, learning and leadership. There is a very interesting post from Jonathan Kohl about “Designing a Gamification Productivity Tool” which I highly recommend to read it. There is a post from Katrina Clokie about how she writes her posts which I find really insightful and helpful for me as a blogger. The other posts are dealing with the topics “Bad Habits During Testing Activities”, “Learning about test automation with Lego”, “Leading without Direct Reports” and a post about “Reflection”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me posts that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottJonathan Kohl | Designing a Gamification Productivity Tool

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People in Testing with Viktor Johansson

Viktor Johansson - Adventures in QAThis time in the “People in Testing” series, I had the chance to interview Viktor Johansson. Viktor is currently working in New York City for a tech startup called Axial. Viktor is very passionate about mobile testing and likes to build devices labs with lego. If you have any kind of question to Viktor, you can contact via twitter.

Daniel: What is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Viktor: To keep up with our several, weekly releases. As an embedded tester in an agile team, there is a lot to test. New features are constantly being built. I need, together with the team, prioritize my testing and try to identify risk areas quickly. I am a strong believer in dogfooding. Everybody in an organization can test and bring value to a product. I have received good support from different stakeholders across the organization. Building those relationships, bridging channels of communication has been invaluable. It has not only helped increase the quality of our product, but has also given me a greater understanding of the business in order to be a better tester. Communication with the end users has also been essential. Read more

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 39

Winter is coming at least here in Germany. The dark autumn and winter time is perfect for reading interesting articles. Therefore, the 39th issue of the reading recommendation contains six interesting posts that are worth reading. The first post is deailing with the topic “Avoid Common Testing Metric Pitfalls” and is very interesting to read. Another very interesting post is about “Women Who Test”. Then Katrina Clokie wrote another great post about “Changing the conversation about change in testing”. Other posts are dealing with the topics “Get Automated Testing “Done”” and “Speaking the language of business”. The last post is a teaser for a new testing book which might be of interest for you. The book is from Mike Talks and has the title “How to Test“.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me posts that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Avoid Common Testing Metrics Pitfalls – Software Testing Blog Regardless of the size of its software development operation, every organization should be taking advantage of testing metrics.

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