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How to get into software testing

How to get into Software Testing

How to get into software testing? This is the question, that I talked about in my latest video, that I published on my YouTube channel. I talked about my personal way, how I got into software testing and what you can do if you want to become a software tester.

I am sharing useful hints, where you can start with software testing education. I share books, online courses and I am talking about the software testing community, which is awesome 😀. Furthermore, I am talking about the things you can do in order to get your first job as a software tester and about the things you should be careful with. Are you already curious? Then take a look at the video below, or watch it here.

If you want to support me, please subscribe to the channel to not miss any upcoming video. In the next days, there will be another special video around the same topic on my channel, just a little teaser for you 😉.

To give you more reasons to subscribe, here is more information about the upcoming videos that I already recorded and waiting to be published:

  • If you need to be certified as software tester
  • How to handle bugs
  • What are great online testing courses and resources
  • Why testing conferences are the best place to be

And there will be more.

Enjoy the latest video, if you want to read about the why I created this channel, make sure to read this post.


YouTube Channel - Software Testing

My YouTube Channel is Online – Software Testing

Today, I want to share some exciting news with you. Over the last weeks and months I was thinking what to do next in the field of content creation for the software testing industry. I am a blogger since 2011, I am a book author since 2014 and I have published many articles around software testing on various blogs. Furthermore, I gave talks at different conferences and recorded some podcasts. However, writing is still one of my passions, but I want to try out something new. Therefore, I decided during the Christmas break, to take a next step and try out something new. I am going to start a YouTube channel about software testing 🎉.

This is exciting for me, because I never did some proper video recording and editing. I want to take this learning opportunity to grow my skill set and at the same time to share some information and knowledge with you, the testing community.

📺 YouTube Channel – Software Testing

So what is my channel all about? Software Testing. The idea is to share information and knowledge around different topics within software testing. I outlined some potential areas and topics to talk about, they are:

  • How to get started in testing
  • How to get a job in testing
  • Testing techniques
  • Tools and automation in testing
  • Testing Leadership

The main goal for me with this YouTube channel is, that I want to talk freely about software testing, what I like about it (what I hate about it) and what I learned over the past +12 years in the industry. I want to share my knowledge with you and I hope the channel is of interest to you 😀.

You can find the channel here. It would be awesome if you subscribe to it and share the information with our community! I am already preparing the first videos to share them with you soon.

Here is the channel trailer video and what this channel is all about.


Software Test Coaching - Adventures in QA

Software Test Coaching

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Today, I want to share with you the information, that I am going to offer individual software test coaching sessions from 2022. The goal of the coaching sessions is to help software testers from our craft to become better while learning new skills, to improve existing skills and to exchange on various software testing topics.

What is it all about?

I also want to help people who are stuck in their current position or role to find a software testing job they love. One of many ideas of the software testing coaching sessions can be to crack the software testing interview. In my current role as head of software testing, I am doing many interviews with potential new colleagues. In most of the interviews, I see people poorly prepared for the situation. They don’t know how to express themselves, how to “sell” their skills and what is important to know to get the job. My coaching sessions can fix this.

I am also planning to coach and mentor people who want to get their first job in software testing. Software testing is not a craft, that one is learning in university classes. Many of us, including myself, fell into software testing and stayed. In my coaching sessions, I want to explain people who never worked in the industry before, how to learn software testing, what skills matter these days and how to get the first job in the industry.

Last but not least, I am looking forward to help software testing experts tackling their testing challenges. It might be the case, that you are the only software testing expert in your company and that you have nobody to talk to about your challenges in software testing. In my coaching sessions I offer the time to talk about your testing challenges and how to overcome them in your current situation.

If you are interested in my software test coaching sessions, take a look here. I noted down all the important information and hope to hear from you.


Daniel Knott Conference conTEST

My Journey from Testing to Product Management

Last week, I attended the virtual conTEST conference in New York. At the conference I gave my talk about my journey from software testing to product management. You can find the slides here.

Some weeks ago, I was interviewed on the same topic on our corporate product medium blog. In the interview I am talking about my career change from a lead test engineer to a senior product manager.
Read the complete interview here.

Smartwatch App Testing - Adventures in QA

Smartwatch App Testing Ideas

In the previous posts you have read and hopefully learned something new about Tizen OS, watch OSPebble OS, Android Wear and what is important to know when start testing on one (or more) of those mobile platforms. Smartwatches may not be on everyone’s wrists yet, but that time can change very quickly in the next upcoming months and you must be prepared for the new way of interacting with your apps and devices. As you have seen in this series, smartwatches offer a complete new set of interactions, features and challenges for mobile testers and developers. The guys from gizmag did a great job in comparing the different smartwatch platforms from a software and hardware point of view and is a nice summary to the watches I used for this series.

However, the last post in the series is about smartwatch app testing ideas. Before I go into the smartwatch app testing ideas I want to briefly remind you about the 4 key areas of smartwatch app testing.

4 Key Areas of Smartwatch App Testing

Read more