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Extra Time to Test your Mobile App in the Cloud from TestObject

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a guest blog post at the testobject.com blog about Robotium Recorder. My post is more like a tutorial on how to install and use the Recorder in order to setup a nAndroid test environment.

The guys from TestObject liked my post and therefore they offered me some free giveaways for my readers.

The giveaway is basically a 30 minute extra time frame to test your Android app on real devices in the TestObject cloud based device lab.

The voucher for the extra 30 minutes is: AdventuresinQA

You can redeem the voucher in your account settings.

To get an impression of the testobject reports and features check the following images:
testobject quality reportRobotium App Testing TestObject

First come, first serve!

Happy testing!

XCTest and OCUnit on real devices in the cloud

Yesterday, I read the latest blog post from AppThwack, that they now support real iOS devices on their test cloud. Developers and testers are now able to run their automated XCTest or OCUnit test suites against the provided cloud with more than 46 iOS devices, from iPhone to iPad.

iOS devices in the cloud

The big advantage of having the OCUnit support in the AppThwack cloud, is that a number of popular iOS testing frameworks are built on top of OCUnit. There are tools like KIF (Keep It Functional), Kiwi, Spectra or OCMock. If you already have an automated test suite with one of those tools, you can easily execute them now against the cloud. All you have to do is upload your bundle either with the provided UI or API.

See the short AppThwack tutorial, on how to upload and test your project against the cloud:

At the end of the test run, a really nice report is generated. A sample report can be found here.

AppThwack Sample Report

If you want to try the cloud testing service, just register and get 100 free device minutes for testing.

What kind of cloud testing services are you using?

Have a nice friday and weekend.

Appium on Sauce – A new tool for testing your iOS apps in the cloud

Two days ago Sauce Labs introduced a new tool for iOS test automation: Appium on Sauce. Appium on Sauce is able to automate hybrid or native iOS apps. The new tool based on the open source tool Appium written in Node.js. Currently the tool support iOS devices only but Android support is on its way.
Appium uses Selenium commands and map these commands into a format for UIAutomation. It uses the WebDriver JSON Wire Protocol to drive UIAutomation.
Sauce Labs says, the tool requires no recompiling or modifications on the app you want to test. Tests can be written in any programming language and testing framework using the Selenium API. Appium on Sauce needs no setup and no maintenance. Tests can be run in parallel across several machines in the cloud. CI support is also included.

Appium on Sauce
Appium on Sauce

Currently the tool is only available by invitation to see if the environment is stable enough to handle many users and apps in parallel. For me this tool looks very promising and we will see how well it can be used.

See Appium on Sauce in action:


The new Testing Experience Issue 19 is about Mobile App Testing

Since today the new issue of the testing experience magazine is available. This time the magazine is all about Mobile App Testing. There are a plenty of really good articles about mobile testing. Check it out. Also my article about “Best Practices in Mobile App Testing”.

Table of content:

Mobile App Performance – How to Ensure High-Quality Experiences
by Klaus Enzenhofer

Roadblocks and their workaround while testing Mobile Applications
by Jeesmon Jacob & Mary Tharakan

Main issues in mobile app testing
by Kerstin Knab

Beyond the Smartphone – Testing for the Developing World
by Stephen Janaway

Best Practices in Mobile App Testing
by Daniel Knott Read more

Overview of Cloud Testing Services for Mobile Apps

Today I found a really nice overview about Cloud based mobile testing service at the blog of mobileappstesting.com. The article give a nice overview of the current state of cloud based testing services. The post explains the different types of clouds and provide some useful questions for QA experts who decide to test in the cloud.

Image Source: http://www.mobileappstesting.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/cloud.gif

Find the complete article here:


Thanks to Anurag Khode (@anuraagrules) for providing this nice overview!

Have fun!