Open Device Labs

Open Device Labs - Adventures in QA

I often see posts on twitter or software testing communities where people asking for help regarding mobile device fragmentation and how to handle all those different devices. Usually my answer to this is, that you don’t need to test on that many mobile devices.

There are several ways to go. One way to go, is to gather user information from tracking statistics of the released app version. If the app is not yet released, statistics from the Web page (if in place) can help to gather information about the target customers and the devices they are using. If this kind of information is available you can start thinking about how to get at least the top 10 – 15 devices of the customers.

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Reading Recommendations # 25

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

The 25th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains only 8 blog posts. This time there are great posts about the Testing Coach Cafe Service Menu, Say no to “Bugging” or a post about “How do I test?”. Two very interesting posts are about test data generation with MongoDB, or user stories as a negotiation between problems and solutions. Further posts are dealing with the topic of security testing in the cloud, one is about trust and the last post in this weeks list is dealing with the topic what Internet of Things is NOT.

Enjoy reading the posts.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: Testing Coach Cafe Service Menu

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AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm - Adventures in QA

Amazon announced a new mobile testing service called AWS Device Farm. With the help of this service mobile teams especially mobile testers are able to upload their Android or FireOS app to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud to test it on real Android phones and tablets. The service will be available on 13th of July 2015.
Amazon is using the following slogan to promote the new service:

“Test your app on real devices in the AWS Cloud
Improve the quality of your Android and Fire OS apps by testing them against real smartphones and tablets in the AWS Cloud.”

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Cloud Test Lab by Google

Cloud Test Lab Google - Adventures in QA

Google is going to launch a new product called Cloud Test Lab which will be available this summer for developers and testers within the Google Play Developer Console. Google will provide the twenty most popular Android devices from around the world that can be used to test your app on real devices. Besides that, there … Read more

Printed Edition of Hands-On Mobile App Testing

Hands-On Mobile App Testing - Adventures in QAMy book Hands-On Mobile App Testing is now available in the printed copy edition in all online and offline bookstores. If you visit the book landing page you get further information about the book as well as a free chapter.

If you are interested in some more details about each chapter you can have a look at the rough cuts on safari books online.

I am very happy and proud that I was able to write this book. While writing the book I improved some of my personal skills. For example, I improved my english writing skills (at least I hope so :)). I learned that it is very important to be focused on a certain topic instead of jumping through chapters. I improved my organizational skills, I learned to be patient, critical to myself and to be tenacious.

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