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My Testing Tools

Mobile Testing Tools - Adventures in QAIn this post I want to give you some insights in my daily working life as a mobile tester especially which tools I use to test mobile apps. I got ask this question several times while attending conferences or I have been asked via eMail. Which tools are you using for mobile testing. In this post I want to give you the answer to this question.

One remark, the tools I am using in my current project are best for my current situation but this must not be the case for you and your project. Please keep this in mind and don’t just use the tools I am using. This might not be the best fit for your project and your software development environment. Read more

Video collection of the mobile testing summit 2012

Today I found a youtube video collection of the mobile testing summit that took place this year in San Francisco (1st Nov. 2012). The Mobile Testing Summit is a 1 day event organized and hosted by Sauce Labs (http://saucelabs.com). For those who missed the summit, check out the nice video collection on youtube!


  • iOS Driver for Native Apps
  • Sikuli for Mobile Testing
  • Intro to Bwoken
  • Calabash: Cross-Platform, Automated Acceptance Testing for Mobile Apps
  • Shared Cross-Platform Tests with Frank
  • Lightning Talks!
  • Closing Lightning Talks & Remarks by Jason Huggins
  • Opening Keynote by Jason Huggins
  • Mobile First: Rebuilding Facebooks’s engineering and testing for mobile
  • Eideticker & Orangutan: Measuring real-world browser performance
  • Settings Apple’s UI Automation Free wit Appium
  • iOS Automated Testing with Calabash: Tips and Tricks
  • MOET: Mobile End-to-End Testing
  • iOS Automation with iPhone Driver
  • Automating Firefox OS: One Solution to Rule them All


Have fun!



Overview of Mobile Test Automation Frameworks

I found a really nice overview about Open Source Mobile Testing Frameworks for Test Automation. The overview was created by Dominik Dary (eBay). In his table he showed how many test automation frameworks are currently available for Android or iOS testing. The complete blog post can be found here:


A big thank you to Dominik, who provided this overview!