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Android Tool for Mac - Adventures in QA

Android Tool for Mac

If you are a mobile tester or a mobile developer you may not have the problem to create screenshots or videos from the current develop state of your app. You will probably use tools like adb for Android or QuickTime for iOS in order to capture a video. However, this is not the case for prodct owners, scrum master, mobile designer or any other non-technical colleague on the project. They may have not installed the mobile development tools like Android Studio or Xcode.

Thanks to my colleague, Daniel Guse, who pointed me to the tool Android Tool for Mac. With the help of this tool it is very easy to capture screenshots or videos from Android applications right from the desktop.

Features of Android Tool for Mac

The tool is offering the following features: Read more

Rotation Tour in Mobile Testing - Adventures in QA

Rotation Tour in Mobile Testing

When I plan my mobile testing efforts and activities, I always plan to perform some special testing with the help of heuristics/ mnemonics. I use the heuristics to concentrate on a specific part of the app to find different behaviors and bugs. I hope you are all familiar with the touring heuristics within software testing. If not, here is a short overview of very known and popular heuristics/ mnemonics.

There is the touring heuristic FCC CUTS VIDS from Michael D. Kelly. Where FCC CUTS VIDS should remind you of several testing tours you can perform on your software. FCC CUTS VIDS stands for: Read more

Open Device Labs - Adventures in QA

Open Device Labs

I often see posts on twitter or software testing communities where people asking for help regarding mobile device fragmentation and how to handle all those different devices. Usually my answer to this is, that you don’t need to test on that many mobile devices.

There are several ways to go. One way to go, is to gather user information from tracking statistics of the released app version. If the app is not yet released, statistics from the Web page (if in place) can help to gather information about the target customers and the devices they are using. If this kind of information is available you can start thinking about how to get at least the top 10 – 15 devices of the customers. Read more

Udemy Infographic - Adventures in QA-header

[Infographic] QA Mistakes and how they were solved

The company Udemy, send me the following very interesting infographic about major QA fails and solutions from the last 25 years. It is pretty interesting to see what kind of bugs occur and how they were solved. The infographic contains bugs from companies such as AT&T, Pentium, US Navy, NASA, Airbus, Lookheed and many more. In total those bugs cause 50 million people without power, $6 billion in losses and 17,000 grounded airplanes. However, we should keep in mind that it is not QAs fault that bugs occur, it is more a team fail.

QA Mistakes and how they were solved - Adventures in QA.png



Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 23

Times flies, it is already Wednesday and it seams the summer break is coming. The 23rd issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains only 6 blog posts. Nevertheless, the 6 post I mention this week are worth reading and are dealing wit the topics: The 5s Methodolgy of Testing, how to perform your own lean mobile usability testing and how to blog while testing, an experiment of a way to test. There is another post dealing with the hot topic of recruiting users for user testing and there are 2 posts dealing with the same topic on how to use sounds during testing. Richard and Maik where talking about this topic on the testers.io community and both decided to write a blog post about it :).

Enjoy reading the posts.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTesting the Waterhouse: The 5s Methodology to Testing

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