iPhone test automation using KIF (Keep It Functional)

In my last posts I dealed a lot with Android and how to implement automated regression tests using tools like Robotium. This post describes how to implement automated tests using the tool KIF (Keep It Functional, http://corner.squareup.com/2011/07/ios-integration-testing.html). KIF is an open source test framework developed by the company square (https://squareup.com). It is an iOS integration test framework that allows you to implement test cases with objective C that can be executed currently only against the iPhone/ iPad simulator. The KIF tests are integrated to your workspace, there is no need for additional servers or services that must be started.

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iOS App Store Submission Checklist

Have you ever wondered how Apple checks your submitted app? I asked me several times, “What are they doing during their submission phase?” and today I found a checklist of things Apple is doing.

BUT, no warranty that this checklist is officially from Apple. Here some points from the list. The rest can be found in the provided source.


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