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My Mobile Apps - Adventures in QA

In one of my last posts I was writing about my software testing tools that I am using on a daily basis during work. After writing the post about the software testing tools, this post about my mobile apps came to my mind. I am always asking other people what kind of apps they are using and I get this question from time to time as well.

Therefore, I wanted to provide you with an overview of the apps I am using on a daily basis on my Nexus 5.

My Mobile Apps

Blogging/ Files

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How to improve your mobile testing skills

In the last couple of months I was asked by several people how I improve my mobile testing skills. The mobile world is changing quite fast and you have to keep the pace, if you want to be a good and up to date mobile tester.

I recommended to read lots of QA related blogs, read QA books, follow the right people on twitter, try new mobile testing tools at home or at work (if you have the time) to get a broader knowledge in the mobile area. Another thing I recommended was to do new things (be creative while testing), try new testing techniques or just try to break the app in a crazy way. Furthermore I recommended another way of improve the own skills. Use as many apps as possible from different categories to see how apps are developed and how they behave. Besides using them, the important thing is, check the update texts of the apps! Do not just install the latest version of the app, read before installing the app. Some app developers are really precise in what the new version of the app is all about. Which nasty bug was fixed, which new feature is developed and so on.
If there are bug fixes described, don’t install the new version, instead try to reproduce the bug and see how to get this bug to life!

Here are some examples of apps that descibed very well, what was fixed:

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How Google tests mobile apps

Today I found a really interesting blog post by the Google+ team and how they test the Google+ app for iOS and Android. In this post Google describes their mobile testing strategy. The team created 5 general rules, which they follow during the development and testing the Google+ app.

The rules are:

  1. Understand the platform. Testing on Android is not the same as testing on iOS. […]

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Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Automation Tool Requirements by Brian MacKenzie

First, Happy new year to everybody! The year has just started and I want to continue writing posts about mobile and testing in general. During my vacation I found this really interesting blog post from Brian MacKenzie “Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Automation Tool Requirements“. This post is a really good summary of the requirements, … Read more

Mobile App Update Testing

During the development process of mobile apps manual and automated testing is highly recommended. But there is another test you should do before releasing or submitting your app to a store. Testing the update procedure! Testing the update procedure from the current store version to the new release candidate is really important and it is … Read more