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AppThwack – Android and Webapp Cloud Testing Service

Another new cloud testing service is available, named AppThwack. AppThwack is currently available for testing Android Apps but will soon provide the possibility to test also mobile web apps on different test devices. See a Sneak Peak in the company blogpost about the web app testing.
If you want to test your Android app on different devices you have 2 options to test your app.

The first one is to upload the production apk file and see what is happening with your app, if it is installed and executed on different devices. This is a very basic test just to see if your app is running and not crashing. The second approach is that you upload also your Robotium test apk file. Then your own test automation is also executed in the testlab on different devices.

After the test execution, AppThwack provide really nice test result statistics including Screenshots, Logs, Stack Traces and Trend in real time.

AppThwack Overall statisticsAppThwack Statistics on ErrorAppThwack Detail Statistics
Right now AppThwack has an open beta process where you can register. To get a overview of the feature set you can start a live demo.

Here is a short list of the provided features:

  • Real Devices
  • No Configuration
  • Custom Tests
  • Deep Analysis
  • Project Support
  • Multiple Users
  • Real Time
  • Private

The cloud testing service AppThwack looks really good and promising. I really like the real time overview in the statistic section. You should sign for the current beta!

Let’s see what the payment is, when they go live with the service, And how the competitors Apkudo and testdroid will react.

Have fun!

Source: http://www.appthwack.com/

Android Testing Service – Apkudo

If you develop your Android app(s) in a small team without a dedicated QA guy or in a one man show, you have to test the app on your own. Usually developers test the app in the Android simulator with different Android versions and at least on one real device. The fact that Android is available in hundreds of custom configurations on over 200 different devices makes testing a real challenge for small teams. To ensure that your app runs on every device, you would have to buy a lot of hardware and need a lot of space to store all the devices. This waste to much time and is also very expensive.

But this could change now! Read more