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Useful new Android Tool also for QA – Lint

Since the last Android ADT update 16 there is a new tool included called Lint. Lint is able to scan Android projects for potential new bugs! Here is a short list of possible problems Lint is checking:

  • Missing translations
  • Layout performance problems
  • Unused resources
  • Inconsistent array sizes
  • Accessibility and internationalization problems
  • Icon problems
  • Usability problems
  • Manifest errors

The complete list can be found here: http://tools.android.com/tips/lint-checks

Lint is available as a command line tool and also integrated within Eclipse. I tried the eclipse version and it is very useful! I found several missing translation with it as well as possible performance issues. Check the tool documentation from here to get a really nice overview of the tool: http://tools.android.com/tips/lint

Image source: http://tools.android.com/_/rsrc/1321373354311/tips/lint/lint-window2.png

To integrate Lint into Eclipse you also have to update your ADT plugin within the software update section of Eclipse. If the update is done, you get a little icon next to the Android Virtual Device Manager icon. Just select the project you want to check and press the Lint icon.

I really like Lint from a QA perspective, because you can easily check what is going on in the source code and talk to your developers about the findings to improve the app quality!

Have fun!

Video: My talk from the Scandinavian Agile Conference is now online

Today, I want to share the video of my talk on the Scandinavian Agile Conference 2012 in Helsinki. The topic was: Mobile App Testing – Challenges, Solutions and Best Practices.

Have fun!

Invited as Speaker to Scandinavian Agile Conference 2012 in Helsinki

Great news!
During my vacation I received an invitation as a speaker to the Scandinavian Agile Conference 2012 in Helsinki. My talk will be about mobile testing in general.

Stay tuned, I will update this post, if I have more information about my talk and the conference.

Please visit the conference page:


Here is the video of my talk:

and all the other talks can be found here


A big thank you again to the conference organizer, it was a really good conference!

Iqnite April 2012: Talk about Android Test Automation with Robotium

Last week my paper for the iqnite conference 2012 (april) in Duesseldorf was accepted. The talk is about mobile test automation using the tool robotium. The presentation will inlcude facts about robotium and a live Demo Session that show the possibilities of the tool. For more information about robotium check http://code.google.com/p/robotium. Or read a recent blogpost of how to setup robotium http://dnlkntt.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/how-to-setup-a-test-environment-for-android-using-robotium/

Here is the program (sorry, only german version available):


See you in Duesseldorf @iqnite conference!

Agile Testing Days 2011

Last week from November 14th to November 17th I was attending at the Agile Testing Days 2011 in Potsdam! If you are working in an agile software development team in different roles e.g. tester, developer, agile coach or product owner, I really recommend to go to the next Agile Testing Days 2012 to meet great people and to exchange on certain test topics.

My conference started on Monday with a tutorial from Michael Bolton with the topic: “Critical Thinking Skills for Testers”. To make it short: This tutorial was AWESOME!
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