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Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

Reading Recommendations # 26

The 26th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains only 6 blog posts. The first one is more an announcement for the CAST2015 live stream which will happen in August and which will be a very interesting testing conference. Then there are posts dealing with the topics of mobile testing and how to create a mobile workshop. Katrina wrote a nice post about this. There is another very important post with the topic “How can open source projects deliver high quality software without dedicated testers”. Another post is dealing with “Sick and tired of losing time with Agile estimation”, the room 101 and about the reality of small scale testing.

Enjoy reading the posts.

CAST 2015 to be Live-Streamed for Testers in August The popular context-driven software testing conference will be streaming its CAST 2015 event live for testers on YouTube.

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Software Test User Group Event in July

Some weeks ago I founded the Software Test User Group Rhein Main. Today is the time to announce the first meetup.

We will meet in the office of AOE GmbH in Wiesbaden on 18. July 2013.

Borsigstr. 3
65205 Wiesbaden
Start: 7pm
End: ~10pm

If you need more information, see the official XING event. If you don’t have an XING account, just come to the office or ping me via twitter @dnlkntt!

No topics so far for the first meetup, but I can tell something about mobile testing ;).

See you on 18. July in Wiesbaden!

Belated Happy Birthday Post

Since more than one year, my blog http://adventuresinqa.com is online. During this year I published 38 posts in 10 different categories about QA topics. In total the blog had more than 17.000 visits from all over the world, only a few countries are missing.

The top 3 countries are:


Besides my blog posts, I also wrote some testing articles and was speaker on several national and international conferences. More information can be found here.

I never expect that so many people are interested in my blog and my posts. Thank you very much to all of you!!! I will try to keep the pace of posting new topics in the next year!

Thanks again for reading!


Daniel Knott

How XING choose mobile test devices

In my last company blog post I dealed with the topic: “How to choose the right mobile test devices”.

In addition to all our mobile test automation, we also do a lot of manual and exploratory testing within our mobile team. We test devices with different hard- and software, with different browser versions, and on different carrier networks to be sure that our apps work in the way our customers will use it.

Due to the fact that the mobile market is growing, the key question for a mobile Quality Assurance person is: Which devices are right for testing? It’s simply not possible to do testing on every device! 

XING test devices

See the full post here: http://devblog.xing.com/qa/how-to-choose-the-right-mobile-test-devices/

Mobile Testing Mind Map

I found a really nice mind map about mobile testing from Karen Nicole Johnson Mobile Testing Course. The mind map give a really nice overview of the complexity of mobile testing.

Mobile Testing Mind Map

Source: http://www.ministryoftesting.com/2012/05/mobile-testing-course-pictures-and-a-mindmap/

Infos about the course: http://www.ministryoftesting.com/training-events/testing-mobile-apps-mobile-websites/