30 Days of Mobile Testing

30 days of mobile testing - Adventures in QA

This time I changed sides and created the 30 days of mobile testing challenge in cooperation with Ministry of Testing. The last software testing challenge created by Ministry of Testing was a huge success and many software testers from around the world participated. It was great seeing the progress of so many people and I really learned a lot during this time. If you want to check my 30 days of testing challenge, take a look here. Since the last challenge was about general software testing, Ministry of Testing asked me, to create a dedicated challenge just for mobile testing. Over the weekend I shaped the challenges and I hope you like them. I am really looking forward to see your results on all the different social channels. Feel free to share your progress also as a comment to this blog. The challenge will start in October, but don’t hesitate to start it today :).

At the end of the 30 days of mobile testing challenge I will pick the best challenge/ progress and I will send the winner a signed copy of my book Hands-On Mobile App Testing.

And here are the tasks/ challenges. Click the image to get all the details on the Ministry of Testing page.

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20 Days Of Testing at XING – Day [18|20]

20 days of testing at XING - Adventures in QA

And here we go, another testing challenge for the next 20 days. This time it is a internal challenge at XING. The challenge was setup by Maik Nogens and Ionut Oancea and is inspired by the 30 days of testing challenge from Ministry of Testing. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you have probably read my progress in the 30 days of testing challenge here.

You can also follow the progress of Lalit here. If you search for the hashtag #20DaysOfTesting@XING on twitter you may see more blog posts and tweets from colleagues.


Security testing is usually not in my business unit at XING. We have a dedicated security team which takes care about this topic. I like the topic, but I am by far not a security expert but I know some basic techniques to perform some simple checks. However, when testing mobile apps I use the OWASP lists to get an idea what to check and what to do. If you are working in mobile testing as well, you should take a look at the Mobile Top 10 Security Risks. As a starting point to check for security I use Charles proxy to intercept the communication between the mobile app, the network and our backend systems. While performing this check e.g. make sure the requests and responses are encrypted. If you have no idea about security testing at all, I highly recommend to hire security experts who will help you identify possible weak spots.


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30 Days of Testing Challenge – I am in [30/30]

30 Days Of Testing Challenge

Maybe you have read about the 30 days of testing challenge introduced by Ministry of Testing. If not, read everything about the challenge and the rules here. I really love the idea and I want to make my 30 days transparent to you. I will update this post every day with a short summary on how I managed to reach the goal of the day. So stay tuned and have fun in the 30 days of testing challenge.

If you like to see how other software testers from around the world handle challenge, checkout the facebook group or the hashtag (#30daysoftesting) on twitter.

Day 31

I want to say thank you to Ministry Of Testing for this great idea of the 30daysOfTesting challenge. It was really fun and I learned a lot during this time. Looking forward to the next one.


I hope you enjoyed reading my progress during the challenge.

Day 25 – Day 30: No time 🙁

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