Reading Recommendations # 4

It’s sunday again and here is the 4th episode of my reading recommendations. This issue contains seven posts from topics like mobile testing, communication to a new level of testing post from Huib Shoots. This version of the reading recommendations contains also a link to a Youtube video from John Sonmez, where he is talking about the topic … Read more

Printed Copy of Hands-On Mobile App Testing

Today, I want to share some really great news with you. I think you all know, that I have written a book about mobile testing called “Hands-On Mobile App Testing” which is available since October 2014 on leanpub. Since the book is available, I got really great feedback from people from around the world who … Read more

Record your iOS Test Session with QuickTime

A couple of posts ago I wrote about “How to File Mobile Bugs” and the importance of good and detailed bug reports. In another post I wrote about ilos  and how to record your current test session on Android Lollipop devices. Today, I write about the other big mobile vendor, called iOS 🙂 and how … Read more

Reading Recommendations # 3

And again, here is the 3rd episode of my reading recommendations. This issue contains seven posts about different topics from why you don’t need a bug tracker, testers shouldn’t write code, generic testing personas to a QA mindset. Furthermore, I added the link to the current state of testing survey. Please take your time and … Read more

Reading Recommendations # 2

This week I have new reading recommendations for you. The second issue contains  7 posts about different topics from speaking at and expectations about conferences, real life bugs in the automotive world, qualitative research about coding and software testing. Besides that there is a must read from Jonathan Kohl about designing products for smartwatches & wearables. … Read more