People in Testing Interview with Markus Gärtner

People in Testing Q&A with Markus Gärtner - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Markus Gärtner, the author of ATDD by Example – A Practical Guide to Acceptance Test-Driven Development and one of the most influential agile testing professional person (Awarded in 2013).

Daniel: Markus, what is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Markus: Right now, I am working with a client on introducing Scrum in both the medical world as well as constructing medical equipment, rather than software development. Although, I we just started, I feel engaged by the amount of things that I learn in order to make this happen.

On another note, I work in a company where we enjoy lots of freedom together with self-direction and self-management. Though the stuff you read about it-agile, if you dive into the background, and are part of it, it’s very hard work. Right now, we are on the edge of hopefully overcoming some of the struggles that come with self-organization.

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People in Testing Q&A with Rudolf Groetz

Rudolf Groetz - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Rudolf Groetz, who is the founder and organizer of the Mobile Quality Night. Rudolf is Head of QA at JUMIO Inc. with a mobile mindset. He has very good knowledge in the area of mobile testing and especially in mobile test automation. In this interview Rudolf is talking about his current mobile testing challenge, which kind of test automation solution he is using and what is the next big thing in the software development and testing world. Enjoy the interview.

Daniel: What is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Rudolf: For me the biggest challenge at the moment is the ever rising device fragmentation in the mobile world. This problem forces me to constantly adapt our mobile device lab, furthermore I need to check that our app is still working with the latest SDK’s and on new devices our customers are using. For our testing process we are using only physical devices and no emulators or simulators. We have a mobile device lab in our office, if there are devices that are not part of the mobile device lab, we are also using Mobile Device Clouds. Those devices are used for manual as well as automated mobile testing.

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People in Testing Q&A with Tobias Geyer

Tobias Geyer - Adventures in QAThis time in “People in Testing” I had the chance to interview Tobias Geyer, who is a former colleague and one of my hardest proof readers of my book. Tobias has a very good testing knowledge and is this kind of guy who is catching the really nasty bugs. If you are on twitter you have to follow him @the_qa_guy.

Daniel: Tobias, what is currently your biggest challenge at work?

Tobias: My biggest challenge right now is to get a better understanding of the domain I’m working in to provide a more valuable testing to my team. The application we’re building is not that complex but it deals with the complex AUTOSAR standard. Each new version has a few features which I can test with my current knowledge and a lot of features where a detailed AUTOSAR knowledge is needed.
Luckily there are other people which support us with testing the AUTOSAR features but I’d really love to have this knowledge in the team as well.

What kind of test automation tool are you using during your workday?

Apart from the omnipresent Jenkins server I’m working with JUnit and froglogic Squish GUI Tester.

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Reading Recommendations # 16

Reading Recommendations - Adventures in QA

The 16th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 8 really great blog posts. There are posts dealing with the topics about mobile testing, about bugs, a post about BDD and what it is and what not. An example on how to use a cloud testing provider for mobile test automation. A really nasty bug in the latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which can cause a loss of control of the plane. How to think positive in a negative testing world. Furthermore, there is a link to software testing community chat on the platform slack. I highly recommend to join this group to exchange with other software testers in real time on certain topics.

Enjoy reading the posts.

I had a bit of fun :: Agile Tester

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Mobile A/B Testing Tools

Mobile A/B Testing Tools - Adventures in QA

This post is dealing with A/B testing tools for mobile apps. A/B testing is nothing new and is a common instrument in the Marketing, Business Intelligence as well as in the software development industry. A/B testing is often used in Web based applications to test which version or variant of the Website is performing better in terms of revenue or click rates compared to the original one. The Smashing Magazine published a nice guide about A/B testing including Do’s and Dont’s.

A couple of weeks ago I thought about A/B testing in the mobile app world. In my last projects we were always performing usability tests with customers in order to get a feeling for the app and how features are working. We never thought about A/B testing. I started a little research and found the great overview about mobile A/B testing tools from the company

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