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Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 2014

Hello readers,

thanks for this awesome year on my blog. I had lots of visits, comments, followers and also many nice conversations with you guys! I wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year 2014.

I will keep up my blog posts also in the next year. The next blog post is in the pipeline, its about robotium and page objects. So stayed tuned. But for now enjoy the next days with your family and friends!



UPDATE: The state of testing – A survey

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Tea Time with Testers and QA Intelligence started a survey with the topic – The state of testing. Today the final results are available. The result contains some pretty interesting numbers. Checkout the results here.

The State Of Testing

Post from Dec. 3, 2013:

The guys from Tea Time with Testers and QA Intelligence are looking for software testers from around the world who would like to be part of a survey – The state of testing. Right now you can subscribe to the survey newsletter and show your interest. If there are enough people who are interested, the survey will start in the next time.

I really hope there are enough people who will contribute in this survey, to see the results. Please subscribe here.


Bugs in real life

I found the following URL on a blog post from Testing FTW. When I first saw the pictures, I had that special feeling. The same feeling when finding bugs in software applications. The feeling that something isn’t right. Check out the images and go find the bugs!

Bug on the floorImage-Source

More real life bugs: http://www.ranker.com/list/62-images-that-will-trigger-your-ocd/brian-gilmore

Have fun!

World Quality Report 2013/ 2014 is out

Some weeks ago the 5th World Quality Report 2013/ 2014 was published.

We’re pleased to bring you the fifth edition of the World Quality Report, co-sponsored by Capgemini, Sogeti and HP. It examines the current state of application quality and testing practices across the globe, as well as emerging trends that may affect the future of testing within the next two years.


See the infographic about the results:

World Quality Report 2013 / 2014


The full report can be downloaded from here.

What do you think about the report?