UPDATE: The state of testing – A survey

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Tea Time with Testers and QA Intelligence started a survey with the topic – The state of testing. Today the final results are available. The result contains some pretty interesting numbers. Checkout the results here. Post from Dec. 3, 2013: The guys from Tea Time with Testers and … Read more

Bugs in real life

I found the following URL on a blog post from Testing FTW. When I first saw the pictures, I had that special feeling. The same feeling when finding bugs in software applications. The feeling that something isn’t right. Check out the images and go find the bugs! http://dunzo.net/30-infuriating-images-that-will-trigger-your-ocd Image-Source More real life bugs: http://www.ranker.com/list/62-images-that-will-trigger-your-ocd/brian-gilmore Have fun!

World Quality Report 2013/ 2014 is out

Some weeks ago the 5th World Quality Report 2013/ 2014 was published. We’re pleased to bring you the fifth edition of the World Quality Report, co-sponsored by Capgemini, Sogeti and HP. It examines the current state of application quality and testing practices across the globe, as well as emerging trends that may affect the future … Read more