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uTest acquires Apphance

Today the companies uTest and apphance consolidate their services for mobile app testing. See some quotes from the techcrunch article:

“uTest will also be using Apphance itself for its own 60,000-strong army of app testers, as well as adding functionality for it to support HTML5, on top of existing support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.”

“This acquisition is a giant step forward in the growth of uTest,” Doron Reuveni, CEO of uTest, said in a statement. “By adding Apphance to our in-the-wild testing services, we’ve dramatically increased our value to customers and extended our position as an all-in-one testing solution for mobile developers around the world.”

If you check the website from apphance you already see the integration to uTest. The really cool thing is, the service is complete free for the rest of the year 2012! Go and try it!

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/15/utest-acquires-apphance-in-7-figure-deal-as-mobile-developer-tools-consolidate/

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Robotium, Jenkins and Ant

I think it is time for a new How to/ Tutorial on my blog. Today, I want to give you an overview of how to setup your Robotium test project to build it with the tool Ant. If the project is configured for Ant, I will explain how to integrate it into the continuous integration server Jenkins. With the combination of the build tool Ant and the CI Server Jenkins, you are able to build up your own mobile test automation environment. Written Robotium tests can be executed on schedule or directly after a developer commits new code to the repository. Read more

Developer Mobile Statistics 2012

Like every day I am checking my mobile testing and developing bookmarks to be up to date. Today, I found on http://www.mobileapptesting.com a developer survey from more than 1500 mobile developers from all over the world. The survey was done by Vision Mobile and published in the business week end of june. It covers the current development situation from a developer perspective and provide some interesting facts.

Find the full post here: http://www.mobileapptesting.com/great-2012-mobile-stats/2012/07/

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Mobile App Testing Link Collection

The guys from http://www.mobileappstesting.com/ provided a nice list of links that cover mobile testing topics. The links are leading to discussions and questions of the website http://www.mobileqazone.com/ where mobile testers exchange on problems and solutions.

See the full list in this article:

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