Robotium Recorder

This week the version 5.0.1 of Robotium was released. The latest version has of course again many improvements and some new functionalities (methods) like pressSoftKeyboardNextButton(), waitForEmptyActivityStack(int timeout) or Solo.config. With Solo.config you have now different configuration options for your project. For further information check the latest javadoc.
The new version has also a new package name com.robotium.solo. To see all the new features check the example project or download Robotium 5.0.1 from here.

Robotium Recorder

Robotium Recorder

The biggest update that came with the new version of Robotium is Robotium Recorder! With the recorder you are able to capture your test steps of your app and to automatically
import the results to your test project. Robotium Recorder is an Eclipse plugin and can be installed from the following URL ““. To install it, open eclipse and navigate to: Help --> Install New Software. Copy the URL in the “Work with” field and press Enter, wait while eclipse is loading the plugin and follow the wizard to install it. The full installation guide can be found here.

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Mobile App Europe 2014

I hope everyone had a great start in the year 2014. This year in september there will be the first Mobile App Europe conference in Berlin/ Potsdam (29th sept. – 1st oct.) and I think this will be a great conference for people who are working in the mobile business. The focus of the conference … Read more

UPDATE: The state of testing – A survey

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Tea Time with Testers and QA Intelligence started a survey with the topic – The state of testing. Today the final results are available. The result contains some pretty interesting numbers. Checkout the results here. Post from Dec. 3, 2013: The guys from Tea Time with Testers and … Read more

Bugs in real life

I found the following URL on a blog post from Testing FTW. When I first saw the pictures, I had that special feeling. The same feeling when finding bugs in software applications. The feeling that something isn’t right. Check out the images and go find the bugs! Image-Source More real life bugs: Have fun!