How Big Brands Automate Their Mobile Apps

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Are you working in the mobile development and testing industry? I bet you have asked yourself this question already many times: “How are other companies automating their mobile apps?”. I found a really cool community project, where you can learn all about mobile automation, and it’s done at big brands such as GitHub, Shopify, Google, … Read more

8 Tips for Better Time Management as Software Tester

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Time management is a critical skill that affects every aspect of our lives, from our personal relationships to our professional success as a software tester. At its core, time management is about making the most of the limited time we have each day to achieve our goals and live a fulfilling life. It involves setting … Read more

Why Do People Think Software Testing Is Easy?


Many people think that software testing is easy because they misunderstand the role of a software tester. Some assume that software testers just click through an application and look for obvious bugs, while others think that it’s a low-level job that doesn’t require much skill or knowledge. However, the reality is that software testing is … Read more

The State of Testing Survey – 2023 Edition

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The state of testing survey 2023 results are online. Since 10 years, PractiTest and Tea-Time with testers are conducting this survey. The survey provides a unique view into the software testing world. It offers insights into the demographics, challenges and where we, the software testers, see the next challenges coming to us. Take a look … Read more