Mobile Test Automation Tools To Know

Adventures in QA - Mobile Test Automation Tools To Know

In one of my YouTube videos, I am talking about mobile test automation tools. The video covers the different aspects of mobile testing and what to keep in mind when selecting a mobile test automation solution. Later in the video, I mention different mobile test automation tools for Android as well as for iOS. Find … Read more

2023 Conferences I am Going to Attend

2023 will be a conference year for me. I am really looking forward to finally attend software testing conferences again. my plan is to attend the conferences I like the most. Some of them I will attend as speaker some as attendee. Take a look at the video to find out where you can meet … Read more

I Generated A Software Testing Book With OpenAI 🤯

OpenAI and Chat-GPT are everywhere in 2023, from social media to the local news. It’s crazy what you can do with AI and especially with the chat-gpt (3.5) interface. Some weeks ago I published a video with the title “Will openAI Change Software Testing?” In the video I gave examples on what you can do … Read more

The 2023 State of Testing Survey is live

State of Testing Survey

The folks from PractiTest and TeaTimeWithTesters just released the latest state of testing survey for the year 2023. It’s great to see the survey coming up for 2023 again. It’s the ninth edition of the survey and if you haven’t done so far, please get a cup of coffee or tea and fill out the … Read more