5 Tools Software Testers Have To Know!

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Software Testers have a challenging job. They not only work with many different stakeholders, but also with many different tools. In this video, I am talking about 5 tools software testers have to know in order to make their lives easier. Please check the video description for more links for you to follow up. Leave … Read more

How To Test Blockchain Applications?

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I bet you have heard the phrase to the moon in combination with a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. But how can you test a blockchain application? In one of my videos I explain step by step what a blockchain is, what it can be used for and what you as a software tester can … Read more

What Is The Future Of Software Testing?

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With AI technology entering and disrupting the tech world, many of you are afraid of losing your job as a software tester. Leaving AI out for a moment, I bet many of you have heard the phrases, let’s automate everything, so we don’t need software testers anymore. I feel you, you are not alone. I … Read more