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Hands-On Mobile App Testing Cover - Adventures in QAThe First Complete Guide to Mobile App Testing and Quality Assurance: Start-to-Finish Testing Solutions for Both Android and iOS

Today, mobile apps must meet rigorous standards of reliability, usability, security, and performance. However, many mobile developers have limited testing experience, and mobile platforms raise new challenges even for long-time testers. This guide is your solution: an end-to-end blueprint for thoroughly testing any iOS or Android mobile app.

Reflecting his extensive real-life experience, Daniel Knott offers practical guidance on everything from mobile test planning to automation. He offers expert insights on mobile-centric issues such as testing sensor inputs, battery usage, and hybrid apps; coping with device and platform fragmentation, and more.

If you want top-quality apps as much as your users do, this guide will help you deliver them. You’ll find it invaluable–whether you’re part of a large development team, or you are the team.

  • Establish your optimal mobile test and launch strategy
  • Create tests that reflect your customers, data networks, devices, and business models
  • Choose and implement the best Android and iOS test tools
  • Automate testing while ensuring comprehensive coverage
  • Master both functional and non-functional approaches to testing
  • Address rapid mobile release cycles
  • Test on emulators, simulators, and actual devices
  • Test native, hybrid, and web mobile apps
  • Gain value from crowd and cloud testing (and understand their limitations)
  • Test database access and local storage
  • Drive value from testing throughout your app lifecycle
  • Start testing wearables, connected homes/cars, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Table of Content

About the Author
Chapter 1: What’s Special about Mobile Testing?
Chapter 2: Introduction to Mobile Devices and Apps
Chapter 3: Challenges in Mobile Testing
Chapter 4: How to Test Mobile Apps
Chapter 5: Mobile Test Automation and Tools
Chapter 6: Additional Mobile Testing Methods
Chapter 7: Mobile Test and Launch Strategy
Chapter 8: Important Skills for Mobile Testers
Chapter 9: What’s Next? And Final Thoughts

Book Reviews

It’s a very well researched book and Daniel has clearly put a lot of time and effort into writing it. As someone who also trains testers who are getting started in mobile then I liked the logical flow through the chapters. […] Overall I found the book to be a really useful addition to my library. There are not enough books on mobile testing as this is certainly one I would recommend. It’s not just about mobile application testing either, there are sections on mobile web as well as information about the mobile world in general. […] If you want to know more about mobile testing then I would certainly recommend that you take a look at the book. – Stephen Janaway, Test Coach and Trainer

Overall, I enjoyed reading through the book and it contains the broad palette of information one would expect. Due to the eBook format, it plays to its strengths with a short update cycle for outdated information and a direct access through the URLs to various topics and information. […] If this book is combined with one of the training courses in the field (CMAP for example), this would be a very good way for a person to launch themselves into a mobile testing career. […] For me personally it repeated a lot of known information, which made it hard for me to keep reading. But it was worth it, because in each chapter I found some useful information to take away, which surprised me in a positive way. Thanks for taking the time to create this book and providing a good guide. – Maik Nogens, Senior Consultant – Testing Experience Issue 28, 2014

ISBN-10: 0134191714
ISBN-13: 9780134191713

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