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[Infographic] QA Mistakes and how they were solved

The company Udemy, send me the following very interesting infographic about major QA fails and solutions from the last 25 years. It is pretty interesting to see what kind of bugs occur and how they were solved. The infographic contains bugs from companies such as AT&T, Pentium, US Navy, NASA, Airbus, Lookheed and many more. In total those bugs cause 50 million people without power, $6 billion in losses and 17,000 grounded airplanes. However, we should keep in mind that it is not QAs fault that bugs occur, it is more a team fail.

QA Mistakes and how they were solved - Adventures in QA.png



The World by Screen Size – Mobile Overview Report

Last week I stumbled upon the following tweet by @lukew.

Where Luke shared a mobile overview report from the company scientiamobile.

The report contains some very interesting numbers and information. For example it contains:

  • Different screen sizes used in Asia, North America and Europe
  • Distributed smartphone OS versions in each region
  • Top 5 smartphones and tablets

Furthermore the report is describing the used specifications to generate this report.

Get the very interesting report from here.

The State of Mobile Software Quality 2014

The company keynote surveyed nearly 2000 mobile professionals to get a better overview of the mobile testing world.

The main topics in the survey are:

  • How the organizations are structured for the mobile business?
  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • What kind of tools are they using to assure a high quality?

See the results in the following infographic. To get the full report you have to sign up on the following page.

Brought to you by Keynote Systems

Posted by Daniel Knott