uTest University

uTest University - Adventures in QA

This post is for all software testers who want to improve their testing skills in various fields. uTest created the uTest university with more than 160 testing courses including webinars, presentations and many more. There are courses for test automation, mobile testing, security testing, load and performance testing, UX, localization testing as well as manual … Read more

Software Testing Interview Questions

In one of my last posts, I wrote about the question “How to Test a Spoon?” and why is this question related to software testers and interviewing them. Today I want to share a webpage with you that is collecting and sharing testing interview questions. The webpage is http://www.testinginterviewquestion.com/. The author, Esteyaque Ahmed is collecting and sharing … Read more

How to Test a Spoon?

A couple of months ago I stumbled up on a blog post or tweet (Sorry, but I really can’t remember and find it again) about a very funny and interesting software testing interview question. The question is: How to Test a Spoon? This question sounds strange in the first place, but if you think about … Read more

Reading Recommendations # 6

Here is the 6th episode of my reading recommendations. This issue contains six posts from different topics like how it’s tested: “Cuckoo clocks”, “The 8 Fs of Software Failure”, “Automation is key but don’t automate manual tests”, “Test your knowledge with uTest University Quizzes”, “How to embed screenshot in Cucumber reports” and “Testing beyond requirements? How much … Read more

Top 114 Software Testing Blogs 2014

Last week I found out that my blog was ranked 29th of the best software testing blogs of 2014. In total 114 blogs are listed on the page from TestBuffet. I was not aware that my blog was listed there, but it seems that TestBuffet is checking the software testing community and collects valuable sources for … Read more