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Mobile App Europe Summary and Slides

I am just back in Hamburg from the Mobile App Europe Conference and I am still excited about it. I had 2 great days in Potsdam meeting several mobile experts from all over the world to exchange on the latest mobile topics. I had the chance to talk to Dan Cuellar, the creator of Appium which was really great. I talked to people from booking.com, Groupon and other cool companies out there.

Another great thing was that I met Stephen Janaway and Richard Bradshaw again. We had some nice talks and at the end of the first day we were recording another episode of Testing in the Pub together with Denys Zelenchuck, Sergej Mudruk and André Gorzel.

Adventures in QA - Recording Testing in the Pub Read more

Win a Ticket to EuroSTAR Conference

Win a free ticket to EuroStar Conference - Adventues in QANovember is coming and with this blog post you have the chance to attend the EuroSTAR conference 2015 in Maastricht for FREE. This year the EuroSTAR conference is packed with lots of great keynotes, talks, active workshops and novices-speakeasy sessions that you should not miss.

There will be software testing experts from around the world who will share their knowledge on topics like:

  • Mobile Testing
  • Communication
  • Gamification
  • Context Driven
  • Test Automation
  • Embedded Testing
  • Test & Quality Management
  • Metrics & Methods
  • Agile Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

Please have a look at the complete program here. During great workshops, coffee breaks and social events you can exchange and share your knowledge with other software testing experts. Read more

TestBash 2015 and my Workshop about Mobile Testing

Ministry of Testing - Adventures in QA

Today, I am in Brighton to attend the TestBash 2015 conference as a speaker and attendee. However, this time I was not a normal speaker, no I was providing the conference with a 2h workshop about mobile Testing. The title of the workshop was “How to Break your App – Best practices in Mobile App Testing”.  My slides can be found via slideshare or in the embed version at the bottom of this post.

So far the conference is a blast. The first day this time is a workshop day, with a great line up of workshops. There were three tracks that covers great topics like

  • Mapping Exploratory Testing Tours & Personas – Karen Johnson
  • Games and Tools to Encourage Creative and Critical Thinking within Testing – John Stevenson
  • Exploratory Performance Testing with JMeter – Simon Knight
  • Supercharging your bug reports – Neil Studd

to just name some of them. The full workshop schedule can be found here.

Tomorrow there will be more TestBash action with lots of great talks from Michael Bolton, Stephen Janaway, Richard Bradshaw, Karen Johnson or Martin Hynie. Unfortunately, this years TestBash is sold out, however if you like to get some insights, check the twitter search for the hashtag #TestBash to get direct information from the audience.

Update: Now all TestBash Workshop Slides are available here.

Happy Testing!

BYOT – Bring Your Own Testautomation

Mobile Quality Night Vienna - Adventures in QAWhen I first read BYOT – Bring Your Own Testautomation, I thought: What the hell is that? However, after I talked to Rudolf Groetz, I finally got the idea behind this new conference format. Rudolf is the founder and organizer of the Vienna Mobile Quality Crew, a mobile quality focused user group. Besides the Vienna Mobile Quality Crew, there are other mobile user groups from different locations within Europe. There are mobile user groups in the following cities or areas:

However, lets get back to the initial topic. Rudolf, is also the organizer of the Mobile Quality Night which tool place the first time last year in October 2014. The first edition of the Mobile Quality Night was a great success and Rudolf is currently planning the second edition of the event again in October 2015 (08. Oct. 2015).

The next Mobile Quality Night will start with a 30 minute talk with the topic “Architecture of Mobile Test Automation”. This talk will cover the general architecture of mobile test automation and test automation tools. Furthermore, the talk will provide an overview of the different test automation approaches that are available.

After this talk the new  BYOT (german) format will continue.  In the BYOT format, mobile test automation experts can present a tool of their choice in a 5 minute lightning talk. Goal of this talk is to show the architecture of the test tool as well as the pros and cons.

If you are a mobile test automation expert in one of the following tools

  • Appium
  • Selendroid
  • Robotium
  • Espresso
  • KIF
  • Calabash
  • Sikuli

you should consider to submit the call for paper to be at the Mobile Quality Night in October. In total there will be 6 lightning talks. After the lightning talks there will be a panel discussion about test automation.

I highly recommend to save the date 08. October 2015! The event will take place in Vienna, which is a lovely city and worth a travel.

Happy Testing!

Call for Papers Mobile App Europe

Mobile App Europe - Adventures in QAMaybe you are already aware of it. The Mobile App Europe Conference has an open call for papers for the second edition of the conference in September 2015.
This year’s conference topic is “Apps and Mobile Technologies – Creating our Future Today”. The conference will take place from Sep 28 – Sep 29, 2015 at Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam.

If you are a developer, tester, designer, marketer or manager working in the mobile app business you should consider to submit a talk to this great mobile conference to exchange your mobile knowledge with other mobile experts. Last year the Mobile App Europe took place for the first time and it was a great success. At the 2014 edition of the conference lots of great speaker attended from various companies such as

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Runtastic
  • IceMobile
  • Net-a-Porter Group
  • SAP
  • passbrains
  • TestObject

just to name some of them. You can get an idea about the last conference in the 2014 schedule. If you want to submit a topic to the conference you can choose between:

  • a 45 min talk
  • a 50 min keynote
  • a 90 min workshop
  • a 180 min workshop

The call for papers is open until Feb. 28, 2015. Again, if you are involved into the mobile app business and you made some great experience or have some great ideas don’t hesitate to submit your talk, keynote or workshop!

I will be in Potsdam at the conference in September to contribute some mobile testing ideas. I hope to see you as well!

Happy Testing!