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Member of the Advisory Board

Today, I want to share some really exciting news with you. The company askui has appointed an advisory board with three software testing industry experts. Together with Lalitkumar Bhamare, the founder of Tea Time with Testers and Nithin S.S., the founder of Synapse QA and myself, we will support and advise the company in any software  testing related topics. I am looking forward to work with Jonas Menesklou & Dominik Klotz, Co-founders, and their team to become an industry leader in software test automation tools based on AI.

Read the official press release here.

If you want to be part of the future of askui, feel free to sign up for the closed beta testing phase. It’s free of charge and you can already get an idea how powerful askui is and how it will become even better in the future.

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Daniel Knott Conference conTEST

My Journey from Testing to Product Management

Last week, I attended the virtual conTEST conference in New York. At the conference I gave my talk about my journey from software testing to product management. You can find the slides here.

Some weeks ago, I was interviewed on the same topic on our corporate product medium blog. In the interview I am talking about my career change from a lead test engineer to a senior product manager.
Read the complete interview here.

How to Ship Products Faster

How to Ship Products Faster

Every product company wants to deliver great products with high quality to its customers. The delivery or development speed at the same time must get faster without losing the quality of the product. Therefore, companies and especially product managers always try to optimize the software development process to get faster without losing the quality of the product and to be ahead of their competitors.

Well Defined Product Development Strategy

The basis for every company and software development team should be a product strategy. With the help of the strategy a team can derive its own necessary steps, that will help to speed up the development of the product. As a first step, a company or team must identify the market and the target audience the product will be developed for. If this knowledge is available it’s much easier to focus on the needs of the customers and to get into the details.
Based on the target audience a development team and especially the product manager in collaboration with UX/ UI colleagues can start with early prototyping.

The early prototypes can be used to talk to the target customers to get first insights about the potential of the new product. This early user involvement will help the team again to focus on the features that really matter to the customers.

However, there are things to improve within a software development team. In my latest article, that I wrote for Applause you can get full insights. The article covers more topics like

  • Agile & Lean way of working
  • Automation
  • Documentation

Read the full article here: https://www.applause.com/blog/4-steps-to-ship-your-products-faster


Featured Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/ETRPjvb0KM0