Mobile Testing Challenges to overcome with Tricentis Testim

Mobile Testing Challenges

Ad | Mobile testing presents numerous challenges for both software testers and mobile developers. One major hurdle is the diverse range of devices, each with its unique hardware and software combinations. Managing these devices becomes crucial, especially considering their multitude of sensors and hardware capabilities (e.g. WiFi, GPS, etc.). The integration of these sensors into … Read more

CI/CD Systems – Information Software tester must know

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Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) systems revolutionize software development by automating the process of code integration, testing, and deployment. CI ensures that code changes are regularly merged into a shared repository, promoting collaboration and early detection of errors. CD extends this pipeline to automatically deploy code to production environments, minimizing manual intervention and reducing deployment risks. … Read more

Elevating Automated Testing: Playwright Meets ChatGPT

Guest blog post written by Christine Pinto. In the quickly evolving field of software development, Playwright has reshaped automated testing with its robust integration into Visual Studio Code and GitHub, backed by an ever-expanding community. My transition to using this framework has been significantly enriched by incorporating ChatGPT, marking a turning point in how I … Read more