10+ Mobile App Testing Types

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Mobile testing is special because of many factors. First, there is the high mobile app user expectations. If apps are too slow or bad in design, they will get deleted. Second, there are so many different mobile devices on the market that mobile teams need to support. At the same time, mobile devices are small … Read more

13 Misconceptions About Software Testing

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There are many misconceptions about software testing out there! In most cases, those misconceptions are coming from people who have either never worked with skilled software testers, they don’t like to test their code, or they just have no glue about the value of software testers. In my latest video, I am talking about 13 … Read more

Worlds First AI for Software Testing

an artist s illustration of artificial intelligence ai this illustration depicts language models which generate text it was created by wes cockx as part of the visualising ai project l

Hello testing community, today I want to share an exciting AI update with you! TestGrid just launched the world’s first AI for software testing called coTester™️. It’s a pretrained AI using advanced software testing fundamentals, architecture, and tools to streamline the testing process. Due to the fact that it’s pre-trained, it works out of the … Read more