Worlds First AI for Software Testing

Hello testing community, today I want to share an exciting AI update with you!

TestGrid just launched the world’s first AI for software testing called coTester™️. It’s a pretrained AI using advanced software testing fundamentals, architecture, and tools to streamline the testing process.

Due to the fact that it’s pre-trained, it works out of the box for any software project. Additionally, it seamlessly works with popular testing frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Robot, and many more. If this is not enough for you and your project, no problem. You can train coTester™️ even further to adapt to your team’s unique requirements, such as understanding team structure, tech stack, and code repository.

TestGrid coTester™️ can perform a variety of tasks including creating both manual and automation test cases, executing tests on real mobile devices and browsers, detecting bugs and performance issues, assigning bugs to team members and more.

All this is possible because testgrid offers end-to-end test automation and execution platform along with generative AI that translates plain english into scriptless test cases.

Check out the links down below in the video description to learn more about testgrids product and TestGrid coTester™️. Request a demo to see yourself how it works. The future of software testing is already here.

Enjoy the video

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