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Hi testing community 👋,
did you know that you can support your favorite YouTubers by joining a monthly membership? I enabled the feature as well a while ago.

In case you want to support me, for the work I put into this channel, this is your time ☺️.


My goal with this channel is to help you to get better with software testing! Learn about new trends and tools to make your work lives easier! I am releasing one software testing related video every week free for you to watch!

Just visited my channel and press the Join button. Thank you in advance 🙏🏻.

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Thanks for all the great feedback about my videos! I am constantly improving them. Just in the last months I invested in a new mic and camera as well as lighting to give you a better experience!

I am planning already new videos! My list of ideas is long. In case you have ideas or wishes, let me know!

I have done a couple of videos from you already!


Have a great day and #HappyTesting