Let Your Users Drive The Test Automation – Katalon TrueTest

We always hear that we need to focus more on our users. Focus on user in the product discovery, during the development and as well during the software testing activities. However, sometimes this isn’t easy for teams. It might be the case, that the team has no knowledge about the users. This is not good, for sure. However, many companies use analytics data to optimize their products for the users. They use the data to analyze user journeys and how users act on the product.

Wouldn’t be cool if a software testing tool can be driven by real user activities? And at the same time, the tool is able to create test cases and test automation? Well, then don’t waste more time and take a look at the video about Katalon’s latest product update, called TrueTest.

TrueTest is putting the users in the driver seat to create the test cases and test automation for you. Check out my latest video, where I show hands-on TrueTest and what you can expect from it!


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