Current State of AI Features for Software Testers

Generative AI is clearly THE topic of 2023 and will be the next big thing in our lives. With the mainstream media coverage of generative AI and LLM’s, we are seeing a huge market shift in all industries towards this new technology.

I have done several videos on AI this year on my YouTube channel, just search AI on my channel and you will find all of them. Or use this search to check my blog for AI posts. Looking at the views and reactions on those videos, I can clearly see that you are interested as well. Since beginning of 2023, I tried out many software testing tools with AI features. In my latest video about the topic, I will give you the current state of AI features, that can be used by software testers to test with AI.

Enjoy the video.

🌐 Key Highlights:

  1. Automated Test Scripting: Discover how AI can streamline your testing process with automated test script generation, saving you time and enhancing accuracy.
  2. Predictive Defect Analysis: Uncover the power of predictive analytics in identifying potential defects before they manifest, allowing you to proactively address issues.
  3. Intelligent Test Case Prioritization: Explore AI-driven algorithms that intelligently prioritize your test cases, optimizing your testing efforts for maximum impact.
  4. Dynamic Test Environment Configuration: Learn how AI facilitates dynamic configuration of test environments, ensuring realistic testing scenarios for your comprehensive evaluations.

🎓 Who Should Watch?

  • You, the Software Tester and QA Professional
  • AI Enthusiasts in Software Development
  • Tech Leaders and Project Managers

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